21 May 2019

Year 7 Students take part in Crossroads Foundation’s ‘Water Challenge’

As part of our work on Poverty in GTS and Water Sustainability in Geography, Year 7 students at Sha Tin College recently visited the Crossroads Foundation to take part in a ‘Water Challenge’ simulation. This simulation brings to life the burden of gathering water, shouldered by the 2.5 billion people who lack access to clean water around the world as well as the importance of using water sustainably, both locally and globally.

The students considered the impact that a lack of clean water can have on people’s lives and were invited to consider solutions to help address this issue. They were encouraged to get involved in practical ways to work towards achieving one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; Clean Water and Sanitation. The students had a fantastic day and came away motivated to make a difference. For some students it was an opportunity to speak to an expert in the field to gain insight into an extra-curricular activity to bring clean, safe drinking water to all.  One step at a time!

Ms Berry