Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA)


The Parent, Teacher, Student Association has its three main aims:

  • to provide opportunities for parents to take an active part in the life of the school
  • to promote close co-operation between parents, students and teachers for the general welfare of the students
  • to assist in providing additional facilities and extra-curricular activities for the school.

Using our representation on the School Council and the Joint Committee of ESF PTAs we can ensure that the views of the STC PTSA are highlighted.

Committee Members

Chair: Thomas Lam
Vice Chair: N/A
Hon. Secretary: Annie Yi
Hon. Treasurer: Karen Zhang
Principal: Carol Larkin
Parent Reps: Angie Chu, Winky Chan, Claudia Chen, Leilei Gao, Michelle Kwok, Vivian Li, Elke Tang, Yuying Tong
Teacher Reps: Jane Parry, Danielle Yang

Committee Meetings

The PTSA Committee meets regularly. Regular agenda items include the Principal’s Report and PTSA Accounts. PTSA meetings provide a channel whereby parents/guardians can express opinions and raise concerns. If you have issues you would like raised at the PTSA meeting, please e-mail and a committee member will contact you.

Annual PTSA Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is $200 per family. It is a requirement for all families to pay the annual membership fee to the PTSA in accordance with the Articles of Association. All membership fees are non-returnable.


The College enjoys excellent support from the PTSA, which organises our major annual fund-raising event, the School Fair, and various social and educational events throughout the school year. Parents are also warmly invited to join our Fair Committee and to help with our fundraising activities.

Funded Projects

The PTSA funds a wide range of projects and activities around the school including MUN conferences, student events and supports the refurbishment of facilities. For more information on some of these projects please visit the PTSA Facebook page here.