Facilities Rental

Facilities Rental

Sha Tin College is located in the New Territories situated atop a hill in Shatin where we enjoy a unique view.  Hidden and away from the general hubbub of congestion and traffic, it is still close to urban area of Shatin and Fotan.

We believe that schools are hubs of the community and convenient venues to host recreational and group activities.  Sha Tin College is excited to open our doors to the community.  The College has a variety of facilities, which are available for rent during times they are not being used by our students.  Our classrooms and special-event spaces are ideal for lectures, receptions, religious group gatherings, and after-school enrichment activities.  You can rent a basketball court, indoor swimming pool, sports hall, gymnasium, indoor bouldering and climbing walls, astroturf pitch, classroom, multi-purpose room, school hall, cafeteria and more!  We look forward to working with you.

How To Apply
  1. Fill in the Facility Booking Form and sign on Page 4 with Company Chop of the Terms & Conditions of Hire.  Return to us with supporting documents of Business Registration for school consideration 7 working days before the proposed venue hire.

  2. Upon approval from school, third party public liability insurance for sports activities should be submitted at an amount not less than HK$20 million to be approved by Sha Tin College (Insured Name: Joint Name with Sha Tin College / The English Schools Foundation; details refer to Specimen of Certificate of Insurance)  (For other activities, please check with the Facilities Manager for insurance requirements)

  3. Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email letting you know whether your application has been approved or denied.  After a request is approved, the Facilities Office will calculate the total cost and will send you an invoice based on your request.  This amount will need to be paid prior to the use of the facility.  Please note that response time for a request is 7 working days.  Please plan accordingly.

Please review the information detailed on the pages listed below before completing the Facility Booking Form.

  • Hire of Premises Policy

Please email our Facilities Manager at facilities.rental@shatincollege.edu.hk or call 2699 1811 EXT 201 if you have any questions.

If you are using the facility for a youth-oriented activity, you may need to verify that all employees, volunteers, and individuals affiliated with your event have passed a criminal background check.

  1. Facility Booking Form
  2. Terms & Conditions of Hire (Licence Agreement)
  3. Specimen of Certificate of Insurance

  • Bouldering Area – Ground Floor Sports Hall
  • Ground Floor Sports Hall
  • Roof Playground
  • Outdoor Open Playground/Basketball Court
  • Outdoor Open Playground / Netball Court
  • Indoor 25-meter swimming pool (6 lanes)
  • Indoor Basketball Court
  • Roof Artificial Astroturf Pitch