Student Personalised Octopus Card

All students must have a school-registered Personalised Octopus Card. This is used for registering daily attendance, which is essential for health and safety. Students must swipe-in to register their arrival time on campus. If a student leaves campus during the day and then returns, they should swipe-in again upon their return. Students who leave campus during the school day MUST go to Reception for the sign-out process. Year 13 students may use their Exit Pass.

Application for Personalised Octopus Card
Students can apply at any MTR branch office for a Personalised Octopus Card. Application forms can be downloaded at this link:

There are seven Octopus card readers in various locations around the school campus.
Personalised Octopus Cards can be used to:

  • check-out books at the Library & Learning Centre
  • check-out textbooks at the IT & Resources Centre
  • register daily attendance
  • purchase food
  • purchase resources
  • pay small fees at the IT & Resources Centre

1. The card value can be topped-up at the Cafeteria.

2. Students should check at Reception if they have lost their Personalised Octopus Card to see if it has been handed in.

3. Students who have forgotten their Octopus Card and are unable to swipe-in must register their attendance with their tutor.

4. Personalised Octopus Cards must be activated at an MTR station prior to being used on campus.

MTR Concessionary Fares for Students
MTR offers concessionary fares to eligible full-time day students over the age of 12 in recognised institutions. Please refer to the MTR Student Travel Scheme for further information.

Please note that the MTR concessionary fare for “Student Status” is encoded on a Personalised Octopus Card and is valid for MTR travel only. Students with Personalised Octopus Cards who travel on non-MTR transportation may be charged full adult fare.