Explorer Week

What is Explorer Week?
Explorer Week is an opportunity to stop our normal routines and value the learning experience that
can be made outside of the classroom. During Explorer Week, lessons are suspended for five days and students have the opportunity to take part in a broad range of activities that are not normally available through the regular timetable.

Why do we complete Explorer Week?
Explorer Week is one of the highlights of the experiential learning opportunities at Sha Tin College. Experiential learning, put simply, is ‘learning by doing’ and whilst this doesn’t need to be restricted to activities outside of the classroom, the best opportunities for experiential learning often take the learner away from familiar experiences.

Why do we value experiential learning?
Disrupting our students’ regular learning can be a powerful tool! Experiential learning provides opportunities to:
• Learn through real-life experiences,
• Assimilate knowledge and to apply it to the unknown,
• Develop transferable skills through an active learning process of new and different experiences,
• Allow for paradigm shifts; changing ideas and assumptions through critical thinking, problem solving and sharing reflections from different perspectives.

All of our experiences during Explorer Week will allow students the opportunity to consider the experiential learning cycle of “Experiencing – Reflecting – Thinking – Acting” (Kolb,1984) which aims to put our students at the centre of their learning.

….. So we invite our students to explore new experiences; to explore an experience that is unfamiliar and unchartered to them; to explore outside of their comfort zone; to explore within themselves.