• Mock Exams

    Y11/13 January Mock Examinations - Update

      Y11/13 January Mock Examinations - Update   Dear Y11 and Y13 Students and Parents   I hope this email finds you well.   In these extraordinary times, we have looked to produce a timetable that best serves our STC community and allows flexibility to reschedule if we need to do this.   I would like to share with you the context in which we find ourselves in scheduling face to face examinations under COVID conditions:   · Under the current HK Health Dept. regulations our hall cannot be used to seat more than 140. · Examinations will need to be held in learning spaces across the school · Examinations are subject to HK government regulations including social distancing and possible school closures due to COVID   With these constraints in mind we are have drafted a number of possible timetables that best meet the following criteria:   · Students have access to mock examinations in order to identify areas of challenge, set targets and work towards improved knowledge and understanding in subject areas. · STC seeks to conduct the examinations with the least disruption to the learning of other year groups across the school. · Under COVID uncertainties we need to be agile and ready, if necessary, to move examinations · As always we seek to address special individual examination considerations , and therefore create scheduled times within the timetable to allow for subject clashes and individual needs.   The chosen timetable will aim to allow for the following: · A shortened schedule that can be moved if necessary · An after school model that leaves the campus quiet and accessible across all rooms · Flexibility for examination clashes/individual needs · Time in Lieu for any Saturday that may be used · With the after school model, students will not be required in school unless they have an examination. No examination will be scheduled in the morning.   We feel that releasing any possible timetable at this stage will lead to confusion given our ever changing circumstances. At present we have scheduled Y13 exams to commence on Monday 11 Jan, and Y11 to begin Monday 25 Jan.   As always, we welcome feedback from both students and parents. The examinations are in the forefront of our minds as we continue to be flexible, realistic and most of all caring to all our community.   Thank you for your support Best Regards Ms Fagan  

    Ms Jane YAO

  • Uniform

    Winter Uniform

    With colder weather on it's way in the coming weeks this is a good time to stock up on winter uniform. As our uniform supplier does not currently supply a hoodie, students are permitted to wear their own plain navy blue hoodie.  

    Ms Jane YAO

  • Newsletter

    Newsletter from the Principal - November

    Dear Parents/Guardians, Students and Staff, Please find our November Newsletter here.  Kind regards, Carol Larkin Principal - Sha Tin College

  • Health and Safety

    Vigilance about health and safety

    Please continue to be extra vigilant about health and safety at school. It is essential that you do not share food or drinks, that you continue to wear your masks at all times and that you wash your hands thoroughly, and frequently. We want all individuals, and the wider school community, safe and well. Thanks for your cooperation.  Mrs. Rowlands

    Ms Jane YAO

  • General

    The November issue of the Student Wellbeing Newsletter is out!

    Take a look at the November issue of the Student Wellbeing Newsletter, written by the STC Student Wellbeing Committee.

    Ms Caroline BLYTH


    Here are the 'In School' Sports Day totals as of the 26th November.

    Dragon 880 Griffin 863 Phoenix 657 Pegasus 655 Just like the US elections, scores are still coming in and there is a week to go!

    Mr Tony WEBSTER

  • i-Naturalist Comp

    Top positions in each house: Dragon: 0 observations Griffin: Natalie 13G2 15 ...

    observations Pegasus: Hugo 13P2 208 observations Phoenix: Bernice 8X2 127 observations Please make sure your user name ends in your house name otherwise you won't be counted.

    Mr Mike CHIU

  • Temperature Checking

    The support staff are working very hard each morning to ensure this goes smoothly. A reminder of the rules for students:  - Students should not take the temperature of their hands, it must be the forehead.  - If the thermometer flashes red either because a temperature is too high or too low, the student should stop and wait to be checked again.

    Mr Paul DREW

  • Lost Octopus card

    Please keep an eye out for Isaac Presley's (7D1) Octopus card. Hand it in to reception if found. Thanks

    Mr Kris FRENCH

  • Office 365 Migration

    Student Office 365 Migration

    Dear students, Please note that the scheduled Office 365 migration will start on 27th Nov at 17:00 until 29th Nov 2020. You will not be able to access the Microsoft Apps during the downtime. However, all your files stored on OneDrive will not be affected by the migration process. An email regarding the new login ID and password will be sent to you in advance, all students will be able to access the Microsoft Apps using the new login ID and password starting from 30 Nov, 2020. Thank you IT Support Team

    Mr Des WONG

  • Impact HK

    Impact HK Kindness Walks

    Dear students,   STC Impact Kindness walk signups are now open!   STC Impact is a CAS project designed to raise community awareness about the dire homeless situation in Hong Kong as well as assisting our partner charity Impact HK by providing volunteer services on the weekends.   A kindness walk is a charity walk that takes us through some of Hong Kong's most underprivileged areas. Students attending kindness walks will get a unique opportunity to interact with and distribute supplies to homeless people along the walk. This can count as a CAS experience for Y12/13s (you may have to go 2-3 times for it to count).   Details (more will be provided to those who sign up): Every Sunday from 12:00-4:00 (you can choose which ones you want to attend) $30 dollar donation Location: Mong Kok Starts Sunday 8th November and will be running every Sunday until the end of December You will be accompanied by experienced STC Impact project members the entire time   All you have to do is add your name to the corresponding week in the google sheet below (we will get in touch with you!): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ccc4IV96X2xDvBgE8wG_FJsG0BknGOqc_gd4HcPx5vc/edit#gid=0   More information: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/184ztrtRjGWTN3NNLewsjzxhZHJ9W6EkM2bxDYc8cTWQ/edit#slide=id.p   Contact info: 20orrrl2@stconline.edu.hk yipa2@stconline.edu.hk   See you there! STC Impact team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Mr James LEWIS

  • i-Naturalist Comp

    Join in this Inter-school competition and Community event. You will be mapping out the Biodiversity around ...

    the school and around your home area. What to do: Download the i-Naturalist app on your phone. Create an account using your first name and last initial plus your year and house eg. Mike C 8X Join this project name: HKISCNC'20 - Sha Tin College & Sha Tin Junior School https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/hong-kong-inter-school-city-nature-challenge-2020 https://www.hkiscnc.org/

    Mr Mike CHIU


    Theme: Serendipity. Literary & artwork submissions: voice@stconline.edu.hk Deadline: 11 Dec, 8pm. More details:


    Ms Lindsay TANDY

  • HKYWA 2021

    2021 theme: China's Magical Mountains. Y7-13 entries accepted; Y12 entries: CAS Exp. Details attached. Ms Tandy.

    Ms Lindsay TANDY