• Glee Videos

    Performance - Term 3 Interhouse Glee

    Interhouse Glee takes place throughout term 3 at STC. It is led by the Year 12 House Student Leaders who are responsible for all elements of the performance from the dancing and singing through to costume and prop buying and arranging the rehearsals. Yet again, due to Covid restrictions, we were unable to hold a live performance so the students were asked to create a music video.  The theme for this year's Glee was Space: the Final Frontier!  The students also had to include at least one song by David Bowie. As always the students at STC did not disappoint us and they created four extremely enjoyable music videos! The judges had a difficult task but after three days of deliberation they came up with the following results: Most Visually Striking - Phoenix
    Best singing (solo) - Pegasus
    Best Singing (Group) - Phoenix
    Best Dancing - Dragon
    Best Choreography - Dragon
    Best Musical Arrangement - Griffin
    Best Band - Griffin
    Best Cinematography - Dragon
    Best Editing - Pegasus
    Overall winner - Griffin Regards

    Jane Parry and James Lawrence
    House Coordinators

    Jane PARRY

  • ESF message

    Message from Belinda Greer

    Dear Parents The school year is ending very much as it started, with us all in school for the final week of the term but with measures in place to keep everyone safe. I would first want to acknowledge and thank you for your unwavering trust and unstinting confidence in ESF. Our schools have worked hard to ensure learning continues, even under the most difficult of circumstances. Your many positive comments and kind words of thanks, in the face of ongoing disruption to life here in Hong Kong, mean a lot to us all. I think it would be fair to say that whilst this year has been challenging, there remains much to celebrate. Many good things have happened, including the incredible humanity and compassion we have all witnessed. What we do in our schools remains important but increasingly how we do what we do is ever more critical and essential for creating the conditions for your children to thrive. The return of full-time face-to-face classes this term was, of course, a very welcome step. Every day counts, and therefore schools have done everything possible to keep your children in class, right up to the last day of the term. We are all so proud of your children’s achievements in these, the most difficult of years. Our teachers have been incredible in their efforts throughout the year to ensure learning continues no matter what! The arrangements for the start of the new academic year 2022-2023 are in place and we look forward to welcoming your children back to school on 23 August. Until then, I would want to wish you all a good summer break. I know that many of you may be planning to travel over the summer to spend much longed-for time with family and friends who live overseas. If you are staying in Hong Kong or travelling abroad, I wish you a great holiday. Thank you for your ongoing support. Belinda Greer Chief Executive Officer English Schools Foundation

  • United Magazine

    The United Magazine is ready for viewing!

    The online version of the 9th edition of United Magazine is ready for viewing now. The theme for this year is 'Time', with content and design developed by our creative students at STC. Please access the attached website link.   Happy reading and supporting your friends!   United Magazine 2021-2022

    Danielle YANG

  • ESF message

    ESF-wide Art Exhibition 2022 “Diversity”

    Dear Parents We would like to invite you to attend our online ESF-wide Art Exhibition, the theme of which is “Diversity”. There are two interactive galleries to explore, where we showcase the amazing talents of our students, from kindergarten to secondary. The exhibition will be open from today until the end of September. Link here. We very much hope you enjoy this exhibition and share it widely with your communities. Best wishes English Schools Foundation  

  • ESF message

    Confirmation of School Place and Advance Fees for 2022/23 - ESF Schools

    Dear Parents As we approach the end of the school year, we are writing to let you know the procedure to confirm your child’s place for 2022/23. If you will be withdrawing your child and have submitted the Withdrawal Notice to your school, please ignore this letter. Every year, parents need to reserve a school place for their child for the following year by making an advance payment of September’s fees as a surety. The following parents are exempted from making advance payment as school places for their children are already reserved: A parent whose child is currently attending Year 6 and has secured a Year 7 place in any ESF schools for 2022/23 already; or whose child is newly enrolled to an ESF school to start in August 2022, including those who will attend Year 1 and Year 7; or who is a civil servant and receiving “local education allowance” (LEA) from the HKSAR Government; or who has already paid the Refundable Capital Levy (RCL) of HK$25,000 and the levy is still on the account.   Advance Payment Advance payment for 2022/23 are as follows: Primary Years 2 to 6 HK$11,580 Secondary Years 8 to 11 HK$13,380 Secondary Years 12 to 13 HK$14,070   The advance payment will be used to offset tuition fees for September 2022. If there is a revision of fees in the next academic year, the difference will be payable in September 2022. Please note that your child’s school place will not be confirmed if we do not receive your advance fees before the payment due date or if there are any outstanding tuition fees on the account without prior arrangements at the beginning of the next academic year.   Settlement The advance payment will be debited from your designated bank account on 1 August 2022. Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account. If you have not set up the direct debit authorisation, please complete the Direct Debit Authorisation Form and send it back to English Schools Foundation, G.P.O. Box 11284, Hong Kong by 1 June 2022 as it takes up to six weeks for the bank to process the direct debit. If your monthly tuition fees are being settled by your employer directly, please make the payment by cheque on or before 15 July 2022: Click here to download and complete the cheque payment slip; Send the cheque payment slip together with a crossed cheque made payable to “English Schools Foundation” to “G.P.O. Box 11284, Hong Kong” on or before 15 July 2022. Post-dated cheques are not accepted.   Student withdrawals If you are withdrawing your child at the end of this academic year, please submit the student withdrawal notice via the ESF App by 1 June 2022. Otherwise, we will assume that your child is returning after summer and parents are liable for the tuition fees for September 2022 even if the student does not return to school. Should you have any queries regarding the above, please contact our Billing Team at billing@esfcentre.edu.hk We would like to thank you for your cooperation on this matter, and we wish your child every success in 2022/23.   Yours sincerely Vivian Cheung Chief Financial Officer Julie Wong
    ESF Head of Admissions

  • ESF message

    School Fees for the Academic Year 2022/23

    Dear Parents School Fees for the Academic Year 2022/23 I would like to personally thank you for your ongoing support and commitment that makes ESF such a success. The challenges we have all faced over the last few years, have brought into sharp focus the importance of your engagement in your child’s learning. Simply put, we could not do it without you. It has been a productive year but one that has challenged us to continuously review and adapt our practice. We can, and will do even more to ensure your children thrive, no matter what. My promise to you is that we will be relentless in our efforts to support each and every one of our students, your children, to flourish. We are proud of ESF’s strong record of exceptional academic results but more than that, our reputation for creating a safe and nurturing environment for all. We know from your feedback that parents not only want their children to be confident and successful learners but also to be happy in school. It is time for us to set the budget for the next academic year. The ESF Board has approved the annual budget for 2022/23 and has set the school fees for the year ahead. In setting the budget, the Board balanced a range of considerations, including the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our families and staff and the need to ensure ESF continues to provide a premium education service into the future. I would want to reassure you that delivering the best quality learning experiences for your children remains our utmost priority. The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers and support staff. The Board is of the firm view that our success is dependent upon ESF attracting and retaining a team of high-quality teachers. The budget for 2022/23 takes into account the need for ESF to provide competitive salary levels, which have now been frozen since the start of session 2020. I know how much you appreciate the great efforts of our teachers, and thank you for the many messages of support and gratitude recognising our work during these challenging times. ESF operates a ‘best value model’ which ensures costs are carefully controlled and funds are used wisely. I want to assure you that our financial planning takes careful account of the need for financial prudence as well as the impact that any fee increase has on our parents. No one wants to pay higher fees than necessary, however, the Board needs to ensure that costs are covered and that students and teachers have high quality support and resources in their classrooms. ESF's tuition fees have been frozen since 2020 in recognition of pressures on our families. The Board has put in place additional funding for the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) and furthermore, has agreed to use over HK$30m of ESF reserves to help absorb some of the rising costs and in doing so, keep the fee increase to a minimum. The average fee increase of 2.9% for 2022/23 across all schools is at the minimum level required to ensure we cover our costs and maintain the quality of education. The table below outlines the range of school fees for 2022/23, subject to final approval by the Education Bureau (EDB).   2021/22 Annual tuition fees (HK$) 2022/23 Annual tuition fees (HK$) Monthly increase (HK$) Years 1 to 6 (non-subvented) 115,800 119,100 330 Year 7 133,800
    (subvented) 159,300
    (non-subvented) 380 + 2,170
    (loss of subvention) Years 8 to 11 133,800 137,600 380 Years 12 & 13 140,700 144,700 400   Once again, I would want to personally thank you for your ongoing support and for entrusting your child’s education to ESF.   Yours sincerely Belinda Greer
    Chief Executive Officer
    English Schools Foundation