• Important Message

    Message from Belinda Greer

    Dear Parents

    I hope that you and your families are having an enjoyable summer and that you have been able to get a break.

    I am sure that you will have heard news of ESF’s celebrations of the excellent results, which our Year 13 students achieved in the IB examinations, our strongest set of results ever. These IB results are a real testament to the hard work of our students– in very trying times – as well as to the support of teachers and parents, in equally trying times!

    We are very hopeful that the upcoming IGCSE results will be equally as impressive.

    As we approach the start of the new academic year, I wanted to get in touch to say that the preparations for term one are well in hand and to reassure you of our continued determination to do everything possible to maximise the time that your child is in school.

    Earlier this week the Education Bureau issued new guidelines about the resumption of face-to-face classes. The guidance stipulates that in order for schools to remain fully open next term, all staff will need to be fully vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 on a regularly basis. We are confident that ESF schools will be fully compliant with this regulation.

    I can confirm that all ESF schools will start the academic year as we finished last year, with all students in school for full days. We will continue to work closely with EDB to ensure our arrangements enable students to be in school for the maximum time possible.
    My promise to you is that ESF will continue to work tirelessly to create the best conditions for your child to thrive, no matter what!

    I very much hope for a settled year ahead and if so, I look forward to resuming opportunities for us to meet face-to-face. As always, I want to thank you for your ongoing support and more importantly for entrusting your child’s education to ESF.

    Best wishes

    Belinda Greer
    Chief Executive Officer

  • CEO Message

    Message from Belinda Greer

    To: Parents of Year 13 graduates Dear Parents, After what has arguably been two of the most challenging years ever, I personally wanted to get in touch with you to thank you and to congratulate your children, our 2021 graduates. Your children did not just cope with the prolonged disruption of the global pandemic, but demonstrated remarkable resilience, true determination and ongoing focus to achieve the best set of academic results in ESF’s history. What makes us proud is that every one of our students, your children, gave their best and you can’t get better than that. Last term, with all students back in classrooms, I made it my priority to visit our schools in person again. The school visits brought home first-hand to me the incredible effort in our schools to support your children throughout these challenging times. I am incredibly proud of your children and of our teaching and support staff. Talking to a number of Year 13 students over recent weeks, I have been struck by the excitement they all feel for taking the next big step in life, and I am just so proud of the role ESF has played in supporting them to this key moment. I’m very mindful of the fact that the success that has been achieved, has very much been in partnership with you our parents, and would not have been possible without your support, and for this, I am very grateful. I want to thank you for entrusting your children’s education to ESF and for your ongoing trust and support, particularly during the last two years. I am sure you have taken time to step back to reflect on your child’s success and on remember their childhood years, which I’m sure you will agree have passed by only too quickly. They truly are fine young people and a credit to you. Please join me in congratulating all of our Year 13 graduates; they have certainly lived up to the ESF vision to be the best that they can be. I wish you all the best for the rest of the summer and beyond, and very much hope that your children keep in touch through the alumni networks so we can hear about their future successes. Belinda Greer

  • Advance Fee Reminder

    REMINDER: Confirmation of school place and advance fees for 2021/22 – ESF Schools

    To: Parents of ESF primary, secondary and Jockey Club Sarah Roe School Dear Parents Further to our letter in May 2021, please be reminded that advance payment of September’s school fee will be debited to your designated bank account on 2 August 2021. Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account. If you have already paid the fee or are exempted from the payment*, please accept our thanks and disregard this reminder. For details, please click here to view the letter. Advance fees for the students in the following year groups next academic year (2021/22) are as follows: Primary Years 2 to 6: HK$11,580 Secondary Years 8 to 11: HK$13,380 Secondary Years 12 to 13: HK$14,070 If you have any questions, please contact us via email: billing@esfcentre.edu.hk   *The following parents are exempted from making advance payment of September’s fees as school places for their children are already reserved: a parent whose child is currently attending Year 6 and have secured a Year 7 place in any ESF schools for 2021-22; or whose child is newly enrolled to an ESF school to start in August 2021, including those who will attend Year 1 and Year 7; or who is a civil servant and receiving “local education allowance”(LEA) from the HKSAR Government; or who has already paid the Refundable Capital Levy (RCL) of HK$25,000 and the levy is still on account. Yours sincerely Billing Section English Schools Foundation  

  • ESF Summer Wellbeing

    Invitation to "Five Weeks of Wellbeing" for ESF families

    Dear ESF Parents, We warmly invite you and your child to register for ESF’s very first ‘Five Weeks of Wellbeing’ series of free online activities over the summer break five days a week from Monday, 5 July until Friday, 6 August (excluding weekends). There will be two sessions every day, the first in Cantonese and the second in English. They will focus on the Five Ways to Wellbeing that encompass the themes of: Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give and Take Notice We understand that the last few months have been extraordinary for the ESF community and we hope that the wellbeing activities will be a way of reconnecting with you all before the new term starts. We have a host of Hong Kong and international education professionals specialising in wellbeing, from school counsellors to mindfulness teachers who are ready to entertain and engage you and your child with a broad spectrum of activities, including arts and crafts, breathwork, yoga exercises, gratitude giving and scrapbooking. The sessions are primarily aimed at children aged up to 12 years old, however all are welcome. We look forward to connecting with you and guiding you through what promises to be a relaxing, informative and fun way to spend the summer.
    Hint! It’ll be really useful to have a yoga mat for your child (and you if you want to join in!) plus some glitter, pens, paper, card and anything else creative for some of the exercises.

  • ESF Board Election

    Election of 3 parent members to the ESF Board of Governors

    To : Parents of ESF primary, secondary and all-through schools                                                                                                Dear Parent, I am writing to let you know that there will be three vacancies for parent members on the ESF Board of Governors this year. An ESF-wide election will be held from 1 to 15 September 2021 to appoint three new parent members. Parents of ESF primary, secondary and all-through schools are invited to stand for election. If you would like to contribute to the ESF community by joining the ESF Board, please do not miss this opportunity. To know more about the role and function of the ESF Board, please visit this link here.   Number of vacancies This year, there are three vacancies to be filled, two for Category 1* and one for Category 2**. Parents of Jockey Club Sarah Roe School may stand in either category.   To stand for election A parent is eligible to stand for election provided that he / she is not an ESF employee or the spouse of an ESF employee. A proposer and a seconder, who must be parents / guardians with children in ESF primary, secondary or all-through schools, are required for a candidate to stand for election. To make a nomination, please download and fill in the nomination form attached at the bottom of this message. Nominated candidates should also submit a personal statement which gives brief details of their experience and state how they can contribute to the ESF community. This statement will be printed and sent to all parents for voting. The original nomination form with signatures and the personal statement must reach ESF Centre by 5 pm on 23 August 2021 at the following address:   CEO Office English Schools Foundation 25/F 1063 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Please mark “ESF Board Election” on the front of the envelope. (Email copy is not accepted.)   Who can vote For each ESF student, a maximum of two parents or guardians are entitled to vote. Each parent can fill in one ballot paper (one set of votes) for each school attended by their children. For example, a parent with two children at KGV and two children at Beacon Hill School can fill in one ballot paper for KGV and one for Beacon Hill School.   How to vote Ballot papers with details of the nominated candidates will be sent to parents by post by 1 September 2021. The ballot papers should be returned by post or by hand to reach ESF Centre by 12 noon on 15 September 2021. The ballots will be counted after 12 noon on 15 September 2021 at ESF Centre under the supervision of ESF’s internal auditor. Results will be announced immediately afterwards. I would like to thank you in advance for your support in this election. If you have any enquiries, please contact Margaret Tang at margaret.tang@esfcentre.edu.hk.   Yours sincerely, Belinda Greer Chief Executive Officer English Schools Foundation   *Category 1: (two vacancies): Parent of a student of a primary, secondary or all-through school.  **Category 2: (one vacancy): Parent of a student with special educational needs identified at Level of Adjustment 2 or above according to the ESF Levels of Adjustment.   Attachments Nomination Form – Category 1 (B2-1) Nomination Form – Category 2 (B2-2) Personal Statement (B3)

  • Virtual Office Hours

    Virtual Office Hours - Years 11-13 Parents/Guardians

    Dear Parents/Guardians Further to my letter last week we are offering Virtual Office Hours to parents/guardians of students in Years 11-13. We recognise there is particular concern about the impact of ongoing disruption on your child's learning and preparation for external examinations. To address concerns and answer your questions myself, Kellie Fagan VP - Curriculum and Jane Parry Head of Senior School will host Virtual Office Hours. This will not be a presentation but it will be a chance to answer your questions. Please use the short questionnaire below to let us know in advance what questions you would like us to address. Years 11-13 Virtual Office Hours - Parent Engagement Questionnaire We look forward to meeting with you online on Thursday Dec 10th at 1.30pm - 2.00 pm or 4.30pm - 5.00pm. We will send out the Zoom link by Thursday morning. Kind regards Carol Larkin Principal

    Angelos LAU