• Swim Team

    Swim Team Activity

    Attention all Swimmers, the Swim team training will start the Thursday after CNY, NOT this week!

    Ms Debbie HANLEY

  • General

    Lost and Found

      We have accumulated a lot of lost items( hoodies , PE bags, water bottle, books.etc..) at the reception . Please check if you have lost anything and if so , reclaim them before 24Jan19 . All items after this date will be donated. 

    Ms Queenie TING

  • General

    Sound of Silence - T-shirts to support the charity HearTalk

    Hi everyone! We are Sound of Silence. An STC project that is working with HearTalk, a charity devoted to raise funds for operations on the hearing and speech impaired in the underprivileged community in Hong Kong as well as promoting the importance of ear care.  To help them with their cause our team has created three t-shirt designs based around sign language to both raise funds and awareness for their mission statement. If you would like to support our cause we hope you would buy one of our shirts and have some new clothes to ring in the lunar new year!  Follow the link below to order your Tshirts.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfLuI3gCh0tKIH5-vdRvW36En7CbXjynIdZUdB7HkwRum0i2A/viewform

    Ms Holly SILLINCE

  • Y9 Assembly

    Y9 Assembly in RM 343 - Wed, 23 Jan - 8:15am

    Dear Year 9 Students, Year 9 Assembly will be held in Rm 343 tomorrow, 23 Jan, during tutor time. We would like to remind you that the assembly will start at 8:15am sharp, please be punctual! Thank you.

    Ms Agnes CHAN

  • Junior MUN

    Junior MUN Applications are now open for Year 7 & 8 students. Click the link below to register: 

    href="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12swwa4QTK7bVrcgbM_nInBueXYvsUfFJ-J2p9PDQ8mI" target="_blank">https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12swwa4QTK7bVrcgbM_nInBueXYvsUfFJ-J2p9PDQ8mI

    Mr Phil JACKSON

  • Competition

    Tournament of Minds Meeting

    The first meeting for ToM participants is on Thursday, 24th January in room 113. Please arrive at 12:25.  

    Mrs Nandita TEWARI

  • 71st Music Fest

    Competition Notification Slips Collection

    Dear students, Please come and collect your 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Competition Notification Slips from me in the SSC office (H55).  For class item alteration, you can apply for it after you receive your slips.The period for alteration will be from 24th January to 1st February 2019 (17:00). Please note that students have to fill in the alteration form (see attachment) and apply with the association individually. An additional fee is required for the alteration. For more information please visit the HKSMSA website. The competition timetable are available on the website (https://www.hksmsa.org.hk/Timetable2.php?Lang=E&Fes=M) or you can download the attachment "HKSMSA 71st Music Festival name list and timeable" down below. Regards,

    Ms Tasha LAU

  • Activities Sign Up

    Term 2 CAS Activities sign up has started on 18th Jan (Fri) 12:30pm

    Dear Students, This term's CAS Activities sign up has started on 18th Jan (Fri) 12:30 and will end on 25th Jan (Fri) 17:00. Please sign up on SMART following the instructions below: 1. Log in to SMART 2. Click on your name (where it says "Good Morning/Afternoon...") 3. Click on the pencil underneath "Activities" 4. You will see a list of activities and their information.  5. Click the box on the right-hand side to sign up. As always we would like all of you to join in with activities at Sha Tin College. Our expansion is that once a student has chosen an activity, you have to be fully committed to that activity and attend on a regular basis. There are many options to choose from, some are continuing from last year and some are completely new, but we are confident that all students can find something that you enjoy. Regards,

    Ms Tasha LAU

  • General

    Cultural and Historical Tours (Central and Western District)

    The Central and Western District, which is named Victoria City during its early development period, was one of the earliest developed districts in Hong Kong and was the epitome of Hong Kong history. Tour guides show students around traditional Chinese style architecture and colonial antiquities (Western Market, Nam Pak Union, Hollywood Road Park, Man Mo Temple, etc. ), introduce the history, cultures, rise and fall of different industries and local customs of Hong Kong.  Date: Feb 23, 2019 (Saturday) Time: 3 pm- 5 pm Place to gather: Hollywood Road (Sheung Wan), outside Man Mo Temple Targets: Non-Chinese youth  Language: English  Organisation: The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfM-ekzfLK706RQqImg9rmXO7v-q2OCEko2wyvmSWI16S0jbA/viewform  

    Guest staff [Marisa TO]

  • General

    Friday February 1st is a Dress Chinese Day. No need to pay any money. Please wear Chinese styled, red or ...

    yellow clothes.

    Mr Mike CHIU

  • General

    Service reps trip Y7-10, Y12 on Tuesday 29th January. Please talk to you tutor if you can go. Only 1 rep ...

    per form please. We will be missing period 3 and returning back to school at 12.30pm

    Mr Mike CHIU


    Mother Tongue Day at STC

    The purpose of the POSTER COMPETITION MOTHER TONGUE DAY 2019 is to create posters to advertise for the MOTHER TONGUE DAY which is going to take place February 21st at STC. The Poster Design o Posters must be in portrait layout, in A2 format. ⌂ A2 portrait (594 mm tall by 420 mm wide)  o Entry must be the students’ original art work o All graphic elements used for the design must be royalty free. o The art work must reflect the specific event it promotes. (think about what mother tongue represents) o The resolution must be 300 dpi minimum. o The poster must include the following text : MOTHER TONGUE DAY February 21st STC. Candidates are free to add any other text to their design.  o All font styles, font sizes and font colours are permitted.  o Use any media or material to create the posters, but the final entries must be in AI, PDS, PSD or PFD, JPEG format DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 11th There will be 3 winners and they will get prizes from the European Language Department UPLOAD YOUR POSTERS INTO THIS FOLDER: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1L8huszMvtY6hE_atmCOhhIemvgo_7Vtw?usp=sharing


  • Volunteers

    Volunteers Wanted: Teaching English in Kindergarten

    ''English Play Stations" provides an opportunity for students to learn English. Your role will be an English teacher for students at the age of 4-8. You will need to prepare, to organize and to lead the program with your group mates. I am looking for some committed and dedicated volunteers for contribution to the program.
    Mandatory training on 19th January, 2019
    Volunteering: 16th February, 2019 to 25th May, 2019 (12 Saturdays + 1 training session)
    Time: 9:30 am --- 12:30 pm
    Venue: Tsung Tsin Primary School & Kindergarten (Shek Kip Mei)
    * 40 volunteers needed
    * A certificate will be awarded to those who have provided volunteering service throughout the school year.
    * Travel allowance of $20 will be given. Sign up from the Google Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeNzBMIkDLbrOIyXR-fnv6-D4DalT_Ajz0y0ROc6xh8uN78EA/viewform

    Guest staff [Marisa TO]

  • Hockey Activity

    Hockey Activity NEWS

    The Hockey activity will continue on Friday this week but there will be NO sign-up on GATEWAY this Friday due to a possible change in the training day (coach ken will let me know asap). If you want to join Hockey, please email me. Friday at 3.20pm in Sports Hall. In the meantime - the JUNIOR GIRLS & BOYS games are taking place this week till EASTER. Please use this google doc to sign up and provide your availability for the date of games and information. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SZNEw6wJzHbEcVIwO_1HJoU5aFEuRc_PCIj_ZeIyAuI/edit#gid=1 You will also need a letter for information for your parents and they will need to return a permission slip. You will also need to by the HOCKEY KIT from the junior school shop. You will need shin guards, a mouth guard and a stick (all of which you can order through Miss Hanley) Us the google doc to sign up for this. Girls Games: 17th Jan Boundary St v's Kellet 24th Jan Boundary St v's HYS 31st Jan Happy Valley v's HKIS 12th Mar Boundary St v's KGV Boys Fixtures are coming soon!  

    Ms Debbie HANLEY

  • Sha Tin Chef

    STC Chef of the Year 2019

    It is time for entries to the STC Chef of the Year for 2019. Here is the link to STC CHEF OF THE YEAR ENTRY FORM  Remember there are house points available for everyone who enters. Please look at the competition details: 1. This year the theme for Sha Tin Chef of the Year is "My favourite thing to cook or bake is...."
    2. Cook your dish at home.
    3. Take a photograph and upload the image to this Google Form (See number 3)
    4. Write a short description of the dish and copy it into this Google Form (See number 4).
    The initial application will be assessed on the aesthetic apperance and skills demonstrated.
    After the application round, students will be invited to participate in the cooking rounds at school.
    The STC Middle School and Senior School winners will go through to the ESF Final in May 2019.
    Year 7, 8 and 9 will work in a PAIR and complete ONE entry per pair.
    Year 10, 11. 12 and 13 will complete individually and ONE entry per individual. 

    Dr Kathryn REED