• Health and Safety

    Safety and social distancing

    Dear Students Please remember that your health and safety are our TOP priorities. For this reason, it is essential that you wear your mask at all times and that you do not eat in classrooms when you are on our school site. We appreciate your cooperation and goodwill. Mrs Rowlands

    Jane YAO

  • Reminder

    Young Musicians Festival 2021

    Dear Students Thank you to those who have submitted your applications for the Young Musicians Festival 2021. Gentle reminder that our application will close at 6pm on 7th March (Sunday). If you are interested in taking part please submit your application here by then. Click here for a short video on how to record. We look forward to seeing your performance online.  Yours sincerely  Noah Nicholson Head of Music

  • Important Message

    Message from Belinda Greer

    Dear Parents,

    Your many positive comments about our staff and the work happening in our schools mean a lot to us all. I think it is fair to say that the determination, perseverance, creativity and ingenuity that staff have shown in motivating students and inspiring learning during these, the most challenging of times have just been incredible.

    The move to bring more students into school after Chinese New Year, and in doing so, increase the time in school for your children, was a positive step in the right direction. Thank you for your support in helping to make this work so well. I appreciate that we are all living in the most challenging of circumstances against the backdrop of a continuously changing context and the most dynamic of conditions. I would guess that, like me, you look forward to a period when things feel more settled and predictability is a norm, not a memory.

    One thing is clear. We all share a common desire to have all of our students, your children, safely back in the classroom every day. To this end, I have been working with principals to plan the next steps that will allow us to do just that.

    You may well be aware that in order to bring all of our students back into school for half days, from Monday to Friday, depends on us having in place regular COVID-19 testing for all staff. We believe that it is a reasonable request to ask staff to take part in this testing in order to enable us to get all of our students back. I have been consulting closely with the principals and the Senior Management Team (SMT) to consider how we can best achieve this, to give all parties confidence as we increase our in-school offer for your children.

    Working together, the principals and SMT now have arrangements in place for taking the next step forward. Starting from next week, we will commence COVID-19 testing of approximately 3,000 members of staff from across our 22 schools. I am sure that you will appreciate; the considerable logistical planning and discussion that has gone into securing the plan, along with ongoing work to gain approval from the Education Bureau (EDB).

    For most schools the current arrangements will continue for a week or so, until the first cycle of COVID-19 testing is done and EDB has approved the plan. Your school principal will update you on the specific details for your child’s school via the ESF App.

    As always, our schools will remain vigilant in adhering to all of the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) health and safety guidelines, including regular cleaning, mask wearing and social distancing. The protocols used by CHP for determining close contacts and the need for compulsory testing or quarantine measures remain, as does the possibility of closing down a school for 14 days for disinfection in the event that a school has positive cases.

    Your support in submitting daily temperature checks and keeping your child at home if they are unwell, plays a critical role in increasing our chances of keeping schools open.

    We all look forward to getting your children back into school every day in the coming weeks.

    Belinda Greer
    Chief Executive Officer

    100% COVID-19 Testing of School Staff

    1. Will all school staff be tested?

    Yes, according to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) guidelines, all school staff have to be tested to allow the return of 100% of students. This includes teaching staff, cleaners, administrative staff and anyone else working on the school premises.

    2. How soon can my child come to school every day?

    We are moving forward with testing immediately and are hoping to have 100% of students at school within the next three weeks. However, the Education Bureau (EDB) will also need to approve the resumption of 100% of students at schools before we can resume full student numbers.

    3. If a teacher tests positive, will my child be tested or quarantined?

    CHP will determine close contacts through their track and trace protocols. If mask wearing and other social distancing measures have been maintained, it is less likely that the students will be considered to be a close contact and require testing or quarantine.

    4. What if someone else at school tests positive?

    Should there be a positive case found at school, we will update you on actions taken and the impact on the school operations. According to the latest protocol of the CHP, compulsory testing for students is not (yet) applied across all schools. If one or more positive cases have occurred in a school, all students and staff will be subjected to compulsory testing and the school may be required to close for a period of time.

    5. What happens if the school is closed?

    We will resume online learning for all students if a school is closed for disinfection and deep cleaning purposes.

    6. Who pays for the school staff tests?

    ESF is paying for all staff testing and arranging it on-site for minimal disruption to teaching.

    7. What if a staff member refuses to be tested?

    We are committed to having all of our students back at school and will work with our staff to achieve that. Our goal is to enable 100% of our students to return to school. We believe that the majority are supportive of taking part in the testing process to achieve that. ESF will work with staff who need support.

    8. What if I don’t want my child to go to school?

    Should you decide to keep your child at home, you will need to speak with your child’s teacher(s) to understand the options available.

    9. Why didn’t ESF start this testing before now?

    ESF has always maximised face-to-face interaction for students within the current health and safety guidelines. Immediately after Chinese New Year, we focused on bringing back one-third of our students back. We were cautious of a possible increase in cases following the Chinese New Year break, so we took the time to evaluate the situation before moving forward with the testing.

    10. Who do I contact if I have questions?

    Please contact our Engagement Manager, Mark Garcia, with any follow-up questions. mark.garcia@esfcentre.edu.hk.

  • Lost Pencil Case

    Red Liverpool pencil case last seen near the staircase block 3, please give to Mr. Thompson in room 323 or ...

    leave on his desk.

    Mr Paul THOMPSON

  • ESF Message

    Safety and Wellbeing in Learning

    Safety and Wellbeing in LearningESF is committed to creating an environment in which students are able to make well-informed, positive choices in avoiding substance misuse. We prioritise safety and wellbeing in learning, and we provide substance education that helps students to live healthy lives. The ESF Substance Misuse Policy has recently been updated. The policy covers situations when students might be suspected of substance misuse, and outlines procedures and requirements to follow in such cases. Students may be required to: Fully cooperate with any investigation Submit to a search of belongings under the terms of the Procedure for Searching a Student’s Belongings Submit to a drug test under the terms of the the Drug Testing Procedures, including being responsible for the costs of such tests Agree and adhere to any behavioural agreements established
    There is no action to be taken at this time, however we just wanted to inform you of this updated policy. Should you wish to learn more about the policy, please click https://esf.lg.esf.edu.hk/local/mis/policies/1.1_ESF_Substance_Misuse_Policy_Final_2021.pdf If you have any questions about this update, please contact your school’s principal or a member of your school leadership team.

  • Student on campus

    Return to school schedule (Mar 1st - Mar 12th, 2021)

    • The return to school schedule above identifies which two year levels will be in school from Mar 1st - Mar 12th. 

  • Daily schedule

    (Mar 1st - Mar 12th, 2021)

    • Students will follow our current daily schedule above, between Mar 1st and Mar 12th.
    • Please note, Year 10 students will now follow the Senior School schedule. 

  • CEO Message

    Update from Belinda Greer

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome back after, what I hope, was a relaxing Chinese New Year break with your families and friends.

    I know that you will be just as pleased as we are to have your children back in school.

    Schools have come to life with the increased number of students and teachers on site, bringing not only new energy and a greater sense of busyness, but also the sound of laughter. This is most certainly a positive step in the right direction and I know that there is still more to do to get everyone safely back on site full-time.

    I want to provide you with clarification on how the recently published Education Bureau (EDB) guidelines and curriculum arrangements for safeguarding national security pertain to us.

    As an international school system, ESF is not required to adopt the approaches set out in the EDB National Security Law (NSL) guidelines, which are intended for schools that deliver the local curriculum.

    All schools, however, including international schools, are expected to be politically neutral, to provide a safe learning environment and to nurture good citizens. In doing so, all schools are expected to work within three fundamental principles that underpin the NSL guidelines:

    - Professional code for staff, supporting the need to live by the law of the land;
    - Safe management of schools, with measures in place to prevent a breach of the NSL; and
    - The need for students to understand the concept of national security and to know about the NSL.

    These fundamental principles align well with our current practice. Importantly, we continue to have autonomy over curricula, learning and teaching approaches and quality assurance and we are not expected to introduce new ceremonies, such as flag raising, where this is not current practice.

    EDB has confirmed that our practice is not subject to control or monitoring. This means that our teachers will continue to celebrate Chinese culture and facilitate age appropriate factual discussions about Hong Kong and the laws of Hong Kong, whilst remaining politically neutral, as we have always done.

    I hope this is reassuring news.

    As always thank you for your ongoing support.

    Belinda Greer
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Young Musicians

    Young Musicians Festival 2021

    Dear students,  We would like to announce the opening of the Young Musicians Festival 2021 Online and we would like you to consider entering.  Every year Sha Tin College holds the Young Musicians Festival with 7 categories:  1. Best solo for Years 7-9,  2. Best solo 10-11,  3. Best solo 12 to 13,  4. Best ensemble 7-9,   5. Best ensemble 10-11,  6. Best ensemble 12 to 13,  7. Young Musician of the Year, Sha Tin College. Due to the current situation all submissions must be video recorded. This year we'll be trying something new, by adding Best Digital ensemble for all years. For this category, submissions must be an ensemble but must be captured digitally. This could be in either a video or sound file.  The Deadline for entry is 7th March 2021 at 18.00pm.  Shortlisted entries will be invited to a live concert that will be recorded and broadcast later on various social media platforms. Due to the current situation, we cannot have an audience at present, but I do hope that this changes in the foreseeable future. If you are interested in taking part please submit your application here where further information can be found.  Yours sincerely  Noah Nicholson Head of Music

  • General

    Buy and sell used books!

    Introducing Bookonomical, Hong Kong’s first student focused used book marketplace. With a simple interface that is accessible and easy to use, convenient pick-up and delivery options, and safe and secure transactions powered by Stripe, Bookonomical is the only solution that makes buying and selling books sustainable.   Bookonomical has been created by a team of Year 12 students at RCHK. They have gone from hatching the idea, winning the business pitch competition to represent RCHK at the Junior Achievement Company Program, successfully raising share capital for operations, to launching the marketplace just a few weeks ago. In a short span of time, they have signed on more than 50 users and have also made their first sales with positive reviews!    Check out bookonomical.com and start putting your books back to work. Follow Bookonomical on Instagram (@bookonomical_hk) and Facebook (@bookonomical) to get your daily dose of literary entertainment and announcements on the newest listings.   

    Mr John LEE

  • Chinese Festival

    Online Chinese Festival Entry Submission: 30 November 2020 - 31 March 2021 

    English Schools Foundation (ESF) has proudly launched the online The Chinese Language Festival, 2020/2021. The event is co-hosted by Education University of Hong Kong and China International Education, and participated by schools and education organisations worldwide as co-organisers. Please see attached the detailed information and sign in directly, or you can discuss with your Chinese teacher if you need more information.  Entry Submission: 30 November 2020 - 31 March 2021 

    Ms Danielle YANG

  • Virtual Office Hours

    Virtual Office Hours - Years 11-13 Parents/Guardians

    Dear Parents/Guardians Further to my letter last week we are offering Virtual Office Hours to parents/guardians of students in Years 11-13. We recognise there is particular concern about the impact of ongoing disruption on your child's learning and preparation for external examinations. To address concerns and answer your questions myself, Kellie Fagan VP - Curriculum and Jane Parry Head of Senior School will host Virtual Office Hours. This will not be a presentation but it will be a chance to answer your questions. Please use the short questionnaire below to let us know in advance what questions you would like us to address. Years 11-13 Virtual Office Hours - Parent Engagement Questionnaire We look forward to meeting with you online on Thursday Dec 10th at 1.30pm - 2.00 pm or 4.30pm - 5.00pm. We will send out the Zoom link by Thursday morning. Kind regards Carol Larkin Principal

    Angelos LAU