• Green Week

    This Week is Green Week. Support your House and the EAG with games on Monday, Tuesday and ...

    Thursday. Basketball court
    Lunchtime 12.20 events on the basketball court Monday -Knock the can over Tuesday- Nature Art -Which tutor groups can win? Thursday- Recycle games and rap Friday - SJS choir and Y13 singers Friday is also Eco-Friday! Walk to school, no Air-con pd 1-3 and no power hour lunchtime.

    Mr Mike CHIU

  • Headphones missing

    A set of red and black Bose headphones went missing from a bag left by the roof basketball court above the SSC ...

    on Wednesday 14th Nov at 2nd break. If you are able to help with our search, please contact Ms Paciello or Mr Ta. Thanks

    Ms Mary PACIELLO

  • ESF Run HK

    ESF Run 3k 5k 10k

    STC Runners: Please see the link to ESF 3k 5k & 10k race and enter to be a part of this GREAT Event. On Saturday, 26 January 2019, we are set to welcome participants and spectators from all walks of life to join in the fun. We are pleased to offer a festive, sporting event that will cater to all community members - from the youngest to the more mature! https://www.esf.edu.hk/event/esf-hong-kong-run-2018/

    Ms Debbie HANLEY

  • Lost property

    Lost Pencil Case

    Jeremy in 8D2 has lost a dark red and black pencil case with a dotted pattern. On it is a cartoon image of Darth Vader with a speech bubble that has text in another language. Please return to Jeremy or leave on the desk in 115. Thanks.

    Mr Paul MCMAHON

  • Photography Session

    Photography Session for Y13 Tutor Groups and New Students

    Professional Photographers will be coming in on Tuesday 20th November to take photos of Y13 tutor groups, 8X1 tutor group, new students and those who missed the last photography session. Please see the schedule attached for the time slots allocated to tutor groups and the list of students who will need a new photo. New students and those who missed the last session: - There is no specific time for the individual photos so students may proceed to the Hall between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm to have their pictures taken. - If you are a new student whose name is not on the list but need your picture taken, please make your way to the Hall anyway. Year 13 students and students from 8X1: - Please check the schedule for your tutor group's time slot. - Please dress up! 🙂

    Ms Queenie AU

  • Science Outreach

    Thanks to all the students who have volunteered to take part in the Science Outreach activity. There will ...

    be a short meeting at 1245 in room 245 on Monday 20th November for all volunteers.

    Mr Paul DREW

  • New Winter Uniform

    New Winter Items: Windbreaker and Track Pants are available at the Uniform Shop now.

    Ms Mercy HSIEH

  • ESF X-Country

    ESF Junior Cross-Country Sign-Up

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mRMdOvP-11C1TUp2iJhYenLD7IYTpytWdGDubgulGpY/edit#gid=904439788 All Runners, please note that the ESF Junior X-Country on Monday, November 26th will take place at Blacks Link. If you are in Y7,8 or 9 and would like to be selected, please enter your name in the google document. I will then make a decision about final team selection by mid next week.  

    Ms Debbie HANLEY

  • Interschools Squash

    Players needed

    We are looking for keen and enthusiastic squash players, with some experience, to make up the team for the HKSSF Inter schools Squash team. If you are interested please come and see me or send me an email. Thanks.

    Ms Jane PARRY