Student Support

Learning Support

The Learning Support Department aims to help students who have needs which may not be wholly met through the normal curriculum framework.

These students may include those for whom English is either an additional
language (EAL), those who need additional English support (EAP), those with special educational needs due to learning difficulties (SEN) and students who are identified as gifted or talented.

The key principles are as follows:
• Children of all abilities are entitled to the full range of curriculum experiences with appropriate support
• The purpose of education for all children is the same, and their goals are the same, although the help that individual children need in progressing towards them will be different
• Individual teachers, in order to be fully effective, need the support of a whole school commitment to meeting individual needs.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
The focus of this programme is to give a combination of English language and academic skills support to students so they can reach their full potential in all their subjects and examinations.
Year 7, 8, 9
Students are withdrawn from their library lesson and/or GTS lessons to receive small group instruction to improve their literacy skills.
Years 10 & 11
Students can opt to take either the Study Skills course or the University of Cambridge examination course. The Study Skills course helps students handle the demands of the curriculum by focusing on organizational skills, study skills like notetaking, how to revise for a test and test taking skills. It also provides academic writing support for written coursework. In the examination class (IGCSE), students’ reading, writing and oral skills are assessed.
Years 12 & 13
Support is offered during student’s free lessons to help them improve their academic writing skills.

Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)
A wide range of services are available dependent on each student’s level of need. This may include in-class support from an Educational Assistant or Learning Support teacher, pull-out, small group support lessons, development of a student support plan or an individual educational program, and/or placement in the Learning Support Centre.

Gifted and Talented
Enrichment and extension activities are available to help students develop their special abilities and talents. Departments offer special activities and information is shared about programmes in the community.

Please contact the Head of Learning Support for further information about these programmes.

Counselling Service

Our inspiring learning environment has a strong emphasis on well-being, and we work to empower the students to take responsibility for their own well-being and contribute to the well-being of others.

Our qualified, experienced and professionally certified counsellors and registered social workers act as advocates for our students. They actively collaborate with teachers, administrators, the Learning Support team and the Guidance and Achievement team. They provide professional development for staff and lead workshops for parents to promote the importance of holistic wellness. We are committed to ensuring that every student has regular opportunities to focus on developing skills and strategies to support their social and emotional well-being within and beyond the school day.

Counsellors support students with a range of concerns such as:

Relationship and friendship issues
Skills based learning such as time management, stress management, emotional regulation, social and communication skills
Supporting students with low self-esteem, cultural and relocation adjustments, bullying and goal setting
Mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, anger management, and panic attacks
Risk assessment and critical incident support

The counsellors are experienced in a number of techniques to support including; Solution-Focused Therapy; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, art therapy, trauma-informed counselling and psycho-educational techniques.

Our counsellors can be contacted by email or visit the Wellbeing Centre, their offices are 102B and 102C.

Meet our counsellors:

Ms Holly Yuen

Ms Lynn Mitchell

Our school has recently signed up to ParentTV on behalf of all of our parents and staff which we are very excited about. ParentTV is an on-demand video streaming website for parents delivering the help they need from trusted experts anytime of the day or night.
To create an account using our school subscription make sure you go to and use the code shared in the ESF App to gain access to all of the videos through our subscription. We will be sharing highlights from Parent TV each month in the newsletter.

Social Workers

In 2019, the Hong Kong government provided additional funding to improve student well-being so our staff, students and families are fortunate to have professional social workers based at Sha Tin College four days a week. Ms Valerie Leung and Mr Matthew Tuan are employed by the YWCA to our school by rendering a range of assessments, counselling and programmes covering topics from an individual level, self-criticisms and school adjustment for instance; to a family level, parent-child relationships for instance.

In addition to working with families, Ms Leung and Mr Tuan are working closely with the Child Safeguarding leader, nurse and counsellors in supporting the students in need. Meanwhile, they also liaise with the government and the local community to advise on resources, services and procedures in facilitating and/or safeguarding students’ welfare.

Our social workers are leading extensive volunteer groups and programmes this year, with the primary goal to contribute the talent of our students for the local community. Meanwhile, a greater connection between the students and our society is to be sought, with our hope to promote understanding to the underprivileged within the STC community. We are more than grateful to see our students reflecting upon their helping experiences – and thus to gain and grow from there.

Anyone wishing to see our social worker can email or visit the Wellbeing Centre to make an appointment. Their office is 102A.

Ms Valerie Leung
Availability at school office: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Mr Matthew Tuan
Availability at school office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Medical Support

The Medical Room is located in Room 104 on the ground floor, next to the Main Office. Students can gain permission to see the nurse to consult on injuries and illness, though they cannot remain there for longer than it takes to assess them. Our School Nurse, is a qualified, registered Hong Kong nurse health care professional. She deals with a plethora of students and families each day.
In the event of an accident, our school nurse, or a colleague, will contact parents immediately. If necessary, a teacher will escort the student to the Emergency Department of the closest hospital. If the accident is not an emergency,parents will be are asked to collect their child from school.

It is essential that all parents regularly update Medical Information for students in GATEWAY. This includes:
• Advise on any medical conditions, including allergies (and extent of), asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.
• Medications a student takes regularly ( before, after or during school hours). Any medications which need to be taken during school hours (emergency or routine), must be delivered by the parent, or parent’s representative, directly to the School Nurse, or a teacher, and an Authorization Form must be completed . The medication must be clearly labelled with student name, tutor group, name of medication, dosage instructions and expiration date. NO MEDICATION will be given to students without a completed Authorization Form. The school does not assume responsibility for any reactions which may occur following administration of medication sent from home, nor does it assume any responsibility if the parent does not send sufficient medication. The nurse must have spare student medication (injector, inhaler or pills such as. Ventolin, Epipen, Glucagon, etc). We need to be informed of the student status with vaccinations and medication, as well as dates Tetanus and Meningitis vaccinations were administered.
• Any changes in a student’s medical condition must be immediately updates by clicking on this link to forms in GATEWAY.

Procedures for Student Illness:
• Exposure to different strains of influenza virus each year are closely monitored by the School Nurse, and the Hong Kong Department of Health, so recommendations can be implemented. Anyone with flu-like symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, cough, body-ache, etc) needs to confer promptly with a doctor and stay home. A healthy lifestyle and sensible preventive measures are the most powerful defenses against all kinds of influenza. Frequent hand-washing with soap or detergents, a healthy and balanced diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise are examples of healthy practices. This is the flu advisory link:
If a student has a body temperature>37.4 degree Celsius, she/he must NOT come to school. Fever is a sign of illness. The student should be free from fever (without medication) for 24 hours before resuming school.
• Vomiting/diarrhea: This requires students to remain at home, then be free from the symptoms for 24 hours prior to return to school.
Please note that the above mentioned symptoms do not cover all medical conditions and do not replace the need for a doctor’s consultation.
Further useful link follow:
• Asthma link:
• Department of Health:
• Centre for Health protection: