Student Leadership

Student Leaders are directly responsible to the Head of Senior School and will liaise closely with form tutors, younger students and their peers. Student leaders will have the opportunity to work closely with the staff and students in that house group to develop opportunities for students to face challenging situations that will recognize and encourage commitment both inside and outside school. They will hold office from October of Year 12 until December of Year 13.

The role of the House student leaders is vital to Sha Tin College. These students assist staff in the planning and implementation of whole-school, community-based and fundraising events. Student leaders have a degree of autonomy in their role and are encouraged to introduce new ideas and work collaboratively to bring them to fruition. Student leaders demonstrate maturity, enthusiasm and a commitment to the aims of the College.

The School Council have school wide responsibility and a large influence in the running of the school. Their influence helps to shape the direction of Sha Tin College as they look for improve learning conditions for all students of Sha Tin College.

In addition to the student leadership positions detailed further in their own pages we have Students Ambassadors. These are a group of ‘go to’ students if you need a helping hand running an event. They are helpful, organised and flexible. They get involved in many types of events such as parents evenings, front of house at concerts and tours around the school.