School Bus Information

The Sha Tin College student bus service is provided by the Kong Shing Bus Company, who handles all of the administration, management, sign-up and payment for all school bus users via their website.

Sign-up under Registration (2024-2025 Term 1 – August to December 2024):

Sha Tin College School Bus and Shuttle Bus Route List

Sha Tin College in liaison with ESF Centre oversee the day-to-day running of the school bus service and undertake regular safety and quality checks.

Emergency Procedures

Whilst the bus service generally operates very smoothly, inevitably there are instances, often due to weather and other adverse circumstances, which lead to delays.

Bus Break Down

Students remain on the bus under the supervision of the bus supervisor and wait for a replacement bus.

If The Bus Doesn’t Arrive

Wait until 10 minutes after scheduled pick-up time, then contact the Bus Company.


The Bus Driver or Bus Supervisor will organise the following:

  • Help everyone to stay calm and remain at the scene in a safe location.
  • Contact the police.
    • Give exact location of the bus – street/road/area and remain at the scene until the police arrive. The police should ask if ambulance/fire service is required and organise it.
  • Contact the Kong Shing Bus Company.
    • Give the exact location of the bus – street/road/area for a replacement bus to be sent.
    • Kong Shing Bus Company will inform the College of the accident.


Contact Telephone Numbers

Police: 999
Bus Company: (852) 6016 5516 (admin – Ms Vivian Tam), (852) 6514 3668 (Mr Joey Ng), (852) 6514 6866 (Ms Lily Wan); Email:
Sha Tin College: (852) 2699 1811; Email: