Our Curriculum

The Curriculum at Sha Tin College is designed to enable all students to fulfil their potential, giving them many opportunities and choices about their future as they move into the wider world.

Our curriculum is structured around the following principles:

a) The need for breadth and balance, to give every student an opportunity to fulfil their academic and personal potential.

b) The need to ensure relevance and internationalism, to promote responsible citizenship and develop an awareness and understanding of regional, international and global issues

c) The need to develop the elements of learning: knowledge, skills, concepts and values/attitudes. This aims to foster a spirit of enquiry, a sense of adventure, a pride in individual and team achievements, the confidence to meet challenges and the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

d) The need to ensure progression and continuity, building on and extending the work done by our partner schools.

e) The need to ensure coherence of learning. Whilst subjects are taught through different curriculum areas, consistency of approach, common themes and inter-disciplinary links are emphasised to ensure that students gain a holistic view of knowledge and its acquisition.

As students progress through the school, the range of subjects they study will narrow and they will be able to make more choices about which areas they wish to pursue in depth. At all stages of their education students will be exposed to a variety to teaching and learning styles and will be encouraged to think reflectively about their own development.

In addition to equipping students with the practical knowledge and skills needed in adult life, our curriculum aims to increase students’ critical awareness, their understanding of themselves, their Hong Kong environment and the international context in which they are growing up. The GTS (Global Thinking Skills) programme plays a key role in developing this understanding and skill set.