20 May 2019

Physics Lecture from Professor Kajita at CUHK

On Monday 20th May, Year 12 physics students were given a once in a life time opportunity: to attend a lecture from a Nobel Prize winning physicist, Professor Takaaki Kajita. Not only is Professor Kajita renowned for his Nobel Prize-winning work regarding the detection of neutrinos, but he continues to be at the forefront of modern day physics.

Professor Kajita’s lecture gave students an insight to the KAGRA project, a joint international effort aimed to improve our ability to detect gravitational waves. He explained the history of gravitational waves and the importance for physicists to bring theory into reality. He also ground his lecture with the many inevitable challenges that he and his team had to face when designing and constructing such sophisticated instruments. The lecture concluded with a Q&A session where Professor Kajita answered many of our students’ burning questions regarding the world around us and the future of physics.

George Su, 12X2