23 May 2019

Business and Economics Trips to TST and Maritime Museum


Y10 Business Trip to Tsim Sha Tsui

Our Year 10 Business students went on a field trip to Tsim Sha Tsui on 2nd May.  The students started and ended their exploration of TST at 1881 Heritage and had to identify real-life examples of marketing strategies and different types of business ownership as they walked the designated route. The trip allowed students to observe the familiar shops and businesses through a different lens and to apply their knowledge of business theories, tools and techniques in a real-world setting.


Y10 Economics Trip to the Maritime Museum

On 14th May, ninety four IGCSE Economics students visited the Maritime Museum in Central to investigate possible reasons for Hong Kong’s economic growth from a small fishing town of approximately 6000 inhabitants in 1841 to 7.4 million today. The students had to identify examples of infrastructure in the reclaimed area surrounding the ferry piers, and along the coastline to Wan Chai, which supports Hong Kong’s economic growth in the present day. We had lunch in the IFC and reflected upon the impact of multinationals on Hong Kong’s economic growth and development.