15 Apr 2015

Finding our creative VOiCE


The VOiCE magazine launch was held on the 15th of April this year, with the tantalizing theme of ‘Temptations’. The launch was hosted mainly by Ms Tandy (Head of English) and Hilary Lok (Editor in Chief of the magazine). Those present were invited to read through the volume and to listen to some of the writers as they shared their ideas and read their pieces aloud. Many felt inspired by the creativity and enthusiasm by the talented students who were involved in this publication.

VOiCE is an annual literary magazine that is a compilation of pieces from students of many different year groups. The thin publication presents poems, short stories and art compositions from many proficient Sha Tin College students.


Ms. Tandy, Head of the Faculty of English, introduces VOiCE XIII   Photo: Henry Lui 11G2


“This is the thirteenth publication of VOiCE magazine, and it’s a real testament to the ongoing creativity in the artwork and written work of the students in Sha Tin College,” said Ms Tandy, who supervised the magazine. “I’m very proud to be involved in this – and this year’s issue was particularly easy for me, thanks to the incredible leadership and enthusiasm of Hilary and her team. I was very impressed with the heads of each department and the passion that they have for student expression.”

She added: “The theme of temptations this year really lent itself to interpretation. Students looked at the theme in a variety of different ways, and though we had fewer submissions this year, I felt the submissions were all exemplary, and all pieces published are very high quality work. It was particularly fascinating that much of the work had a positive spin around it, and it has been uplifting and refreshing to read through this year’s VOiCE.”

LUI00437Students from all year groups came to listen to the performances.  Photo: Henry Lui 11G2

“I really appreciate VOiCE,” said Christy Tsang, from 12G1. “It’s so important as a conduit for student expression and for people to display their literary talents and their feelings. The experience was an enriching challenge for me, and it made me think about what’s important to me and how it is I want to express myself. I also really enjoyed being able to see what’s really important to others through their writing and art.”

However, she did express some mild concerns about the editing process. “The only criticism I would have for the magazine is that I would like to see the way that my work has been changed before the magazine has been published. I have heard that some people are unhappy about the way that their pieces have been changed, so there are still small ways that the magazine can improve.”

The VOiCE launch was a thoroughly enjoyable event. The new issue of the magazine: ‘Temptations’, is available (free of charge) at the library for any of those interested in immersing themselves in a good read.


Kelly Yu 12X2