16 Apr 2015

The Soundtrack

On the 15th of April, a charity concert aptly named ‘The Soundtrack’ was held in the main hall. The concert featured many students of Sha Tin College and their various musical talents. The event had performances by several brave young individuals with both the guts and the potential to stand alone on a stage and sing, as well as performances by bands consisting of musically talented members specializing in a variety of instruments, and much more.

All of the funds raised went to Food for Thought, a student-led charity project aimed at raising funds and awareness for those less fortunate around us. This event was Food For Thought’s biggest fundraiser of the year. In hosting this large-scale event, they hoped to reach a large number of people with their message and raise funds for Food Angel (a Hong Kong food rescue and assistance program). Many audience members, through seeing their dedication to the organisation of the event, realized the significance of the poverty issue in Hong Kong.

One of the most admirable performances during the concert was Olivia Drave of 12X2’s singing performances. She performed a total of three songs, the first with an equally talented singer, Hegel Chan of 12P2, and the other two songs alone. What made the performances so admirable, was not the fact that both songs were emotional ballads that were easy on the ears, but the fact that Olivia performed perfectly even when singing alone; her voice showed no signs of her nervousness at all. She delivered flawless performances, showing the crowd a short yet memorable example of her musical potential.



 Olivia performing ‘Night and Day’ by Frank Sinatra!  Photo: Joshua Lee


Another favorite performance of the crowd had to be the Anime Music Club’s performances. They performed four anime theme songs (Ignite from Sword Art Online II, Innocence from Sword Art Online, Ebb and Flow from Nagi No Asukara, and Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul), with a respective lead singer for each song and a band accompanying. Lead singers included Ashlyn Chau from 9X2, Genevieve Lam from 12X2, and Christy Tsang from 12G1. Though all songs were sung completely in Japanese, the club still performed without any hitches, displaying both their musical talent and language abilities.



 Anime Music Club performing ‘Innocence’ from Sword Art Online.  Photo: Joshua Lee


The final (and among the best) performance was by Route Twenty Five – a band consisting of the organizers who made the entire concert possible. Members of Route Twenty Five included Sean Lau of 12X1, Kelvin Chan of 12X2, Trevor Lee of 12P1, Issac Yiu of 12X2 and Timothy Wong of 12X2, all highly skilled and highly motivated towards their original goal of setting up a charity concert. They performed 5 songs – all popular songs that got the audience pumped up. Their music had the crowd screaming and chanting and throwing their arms in the air, with the audience even requesting for an encore after the final song.



 Route Twenty Five wrapping up the concert!  Photo: Joshua Lee


Many thanks to Food For Thought for making this unforgettable concert possible, Ms Harvey, and Ms Parry, and last but not least, all the amazing performers who spent countless hours practicing and preparing for this concert!  Click here to see full performances.

Samantha Lam 9X2