20 Mar 2015

Maths Week 2015

To celebrate the joy of maths, Sha Tin College has an annual week whereby students from Year 7-10 improve their mathematics by performing a variety of fun Maths related activities, all of which are organised by the Maths Department. This year, the week began on March 9th and ended on March 15th.

Throughout the week, students engaged in a variety of activities, depending on their mathematical ability and year group, during their math lessons and lunch breaks. Many different opportunities were offered to students in order to allow them to display their individual math prowess, and earn themselves a title in the Sha Tin College Maths Community, in addition to winning prizes.

Of all the activities during the week, the most celebrated activities were, undoubtedly, Dragon Maths, ‘Cray Pots’, and the Maths Treasure Hunt. These activities not only engaged the work of the mind, but also the vigorous movement of the body, thus making it enjoyable by younger years and older years alike.

‘I really enjoyed Dragon Maths,’ said Bryan Ko, a Year 10 student who won the activity, ‘not only was it competitive, but it was also a great opportunity to work with other friends from different classes, a rarity when it comes to regular Maths lessons!’


Year 10 Dragon Maths in progress!  Photo: Theo Hui Y10


Annabel Poon, a Year 7 student, said ‘I don’t really like Maths as a subject, but I really liked doing the activities during Maths week, especially the treasure hunt! It was fun running around school with my friends, and I wish we had Maths month instead of Maths week!’

b IMG_0048

On the hunt!  Photo: Anson Tong Y11


Maths Week has been on going for many years at Sha Tin College, and we hope to make maths as a subject even more enjoyable to all through Maths Week by showcasing the subject’s appeal in a series of fun and mentally challenging games, helping students discover their hidden love for maths from within them. 

Isabella Ko 12D2