9 Mar 2015

Climbing for a Cause

Under supervision and organization of Mr. Morris and the STC Climbing team, an incredibly successful event took place from the 6th to the 7th of March. Dozens of students gathered in the largest indoor climbing gym in Hong Kong, the GoNature Kwun Tong climbing gym, and climbed shifts throughout the 24 hour event. Despite the fact that many participants had no previous climbing experience, the event organizers still managed to fulfil their goal of having climbers on the wall during every moment of the event.

To make this an even more commendable school event, all the money used to buy wrist bands, baked goods and raised in sponsorship money is part of the STC climbing team’s CAS project to raise funds for a very meaningful cause, Thaitanium. Following a CAS week trip to Krabi, Thailand, the members were inspired to help local climbers. Thaitanium is a worthy charity that aims to replace all the steel bolts in Thailand (that are susceptible to rust and corrosion) with titanium bolts to ensure the safety of climbers there and minimize casualties in the region.

And despite sore arms and aching muscles, participants said they loved the event. Theodora Chan, 12D1, a participant in the activity, mentioned: “I’m really happy that I decided to attend the event. It was an incredible experience that I shared with some good friends, though I must admit that climbing in the early morning certainly wasn’t easy.” Many remarked on the extraordinary climbing abilities of Mr. Morris, our principal, and their appreciation for his guidance throughout.

In any case, climbing for 24 hours is an incredible feat that requires great determination and strength from both the participants and the organizers. Well done to both parties. This unique STC event was not only enjoyable but for an altruistic cause, and students look forward to the return of this annual event.


Meet the 2015 Climbathon Team!  Photo: Natasha Siu 12X2

Kelly Yu 12X2