9 Jun 2023

Taking Home the Championships

Another remarkable victory that Sha Tin College is extremely proud of is the recent triumph in the SABRES C-Grade Basketball HKSSF championships. Trained by Coach Isaiah, the C-Grade Basketball team was able to secure a win at the finals, earning the HKSSF cup. Each member of the basketball team showed impressive effort to the team, all of them possessing different skills that were each just as beneficial to the game as the others.

Coach Isaiah observed that “we had the potential to be great, [and soon] the potential became a reality”. He also noted the players’ capability and competence, pushing them to their maximum ability to ensure that they’re doing the best they can after attentively watching the boys continuously show endless commitment to the team. “We had leadership and consistent scoring from Luis Patel and Terry Leung. [We also had] excellent defense from Brendon Lui, and persistent rebounding from Tyler Albouy and Hei Hei Cheung”, the Coach shared. Even further, “early in the season, [we took] huge leads in 2 of our games, [allowing] bench players to get significant playing time to be ready for the playoffs. This helped certain players such as Hugo Mak and Changbin Han rise to the occasion, stepping up in key moments in the playoffs”.

Aside from just the impressive play of the C-Grade Basketball team boys, the encouragement of family and friends who sat on the benches were also an essential part of their victory. As Coach Isaiah says, “Off the court, the support from friends and family was greatly appreciated. Their cheering gave us energy to keep our intensity high in [the] game”.

After months of continuous hard work and extreme levels of dedication, it is of great importance to acknowledge the well-deserved HKSSF cup that our C-Grade Basketball team has earned for us. Throughout this academic year, the members of the basketball team have developed greatly; both individually and as a team. A huge group of students, teachers, staff, and parents are immensely proud of this achievement and would like to give recognition to all the players who participated on the team this season: David Du, Connor Zhou, Edric Mak, Aiden Lee, Hector Leung, Nicholas Jee, Cameron Wood, Haydan Wong, Hugo Mak, ChangBin Han, Ho Yin Cheung, Brendon Lui, Hei Hei Cheung, Tyler Albouy, Luis Patel and Terry Leung!

The C-Grade Basketball team will finish their season with this win under their belts; they have made the Sha Tin College community proud, showing what determination and teamwork can accomplish. Congratulations SABRES for their proud accomplishments!

Written by: Kelly Tang (7D1) and Zihan Liu (9P2)
Edited by: Hannah Wong (11D2)