9 Jun 2023

Novel Experiences: Explorer Week 2023

Every year students anticipate the return of the annual Explorer Week – one of the highlights of experiential learning opportunities at Sha Tin College; students can discover new passions and learn beyond their comfort zones. The designated activities will commence in the next academic year, from November 13 to 17, 2023. During this week, normal lessons will be suspended – allowing students to undertake highly engrossing learning experiences, most of which will be carried outside of the regular classroom setting. With the lift of Covid-19 regulations, this year’s event promises to be yet another thrilling and memorable experience. Most notably, overseas trips exclusive to Years 11 and 12s in the upcoming school year.

The activities brochure was released on April 27, exhibiting an array of options for students in Years 8 to 12 with a range of unique interests, offering both leisurely and educational activities – all of which will be led by experienced teachers and guides. Concurrently, Years 7 and 13 are provided with specially designed programmes; on one hand, developing initial resilience and building relationships, on the other providing a memorable final Explorer Week and commemorating their unequivocal hard work. Nonetheless, the event grants a week of exploration, allowing students to challenge themselves while enjoying a gratifying and relaxing period away from periodic lessons and routines. Subsequently, the allocation results were swiftly assigned to students on May 15, which sparked further excitement from the student body. “There were so many [options] to choose from,” Kin Tow Li (11G2) commented, “because of this, I [get to] pursue my passions and learn new skills [along] with my friends.”

Moreover, as announced briefly through a teaser post on the STC Instagram, which garnered tremendous attention and curiosity from the student body, overseas trips will finally proceed this year. Options include Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. These refreshing opportunities will offer highly distinctive experiences: students can discover new perspectives atypical of our traditional customs by immersing themselves in different cultures while spending time away from home with friends. Furthermore, the return of overseas trips generated positive responses, particularly from the current Year 11 students after two years of domestic trips because of the pandemic. “I’m so happy that overseas trips are back, it was unexpected,” noted Gaile Pong (11G2). “I think it will be a fun experience, and it allows [us] to develop independence.”

While the reopening of overseas options is undeniably the highlight of this year’s Explorer Week, the plethora of enriching activities held domestically should not be underlooked. Sammy Wong (8G2) shared, “I had a lot of fun [during Explorer Week] last year, so I’m excited [since] we have more [local] choices this year.” Ranging from food creation to martial arts; the vast amount of options available ensures that all students alike will be able to cultivate new skills or continue to hone into current interests.

Overall, the week merges the learning experience with exploratory activities, offering incredible and unprecedented opportunities to the student community. Students can look forward to once-in-a-lifetime adventures this November, and it will undoubtedly be another year of excitement!

Written by: Clarisse Kwan (11G2)
Edited by: Samantha Law (11D2)