9 Jun 2023

The Road to Glory – SABRES U15 Football Team

It was an exceptional year for the SABRES U15 football team, with the team achieving great success both on and off the field. With great pride and honor, Sha Tin College announces that our SABRES U15 football team has won the championships!

The U15 football team has had a tough but memorable experience during the battle for the HKSSF cup. After winning many matches, the team clinched the victory of the football championships. After months of grueling practices and endless hours of preparation, the team was finally able to showcase their long weeks of determination during the championships. All their hard work paid off as they were crowned as HKSSF champions. “I’m very happy with the victory, especially after all the hard work the team has put in. We’ve had to focus together in order to give our best performance”, Enoch Lau (9P2) remarked. “It feels like an accomplishment after all those months of training”.

Among the U15 football team’s top goal scorers were Yat Long Wong (10G2) and Colin Zhou (10G2). Colin recalled a game when his teammate, Yat Long, scored 5 goals in one game as being the most memorable. Additionally, Colin volunteered to play goalkeeper in the semifinal match due to an injury that the original goalkeeper faced, but the team mistook Colin and thought he was volunteering to become a permanent goalkeeper. Due to this misunderstanding, Colin had to fight for his place again as a starting striker. Fortunately, he sealed the victory at championships by scoring two goals. “Overall, the player of the season was Nathan Lam due to his brick wall and impenetrable defense”, announced Colin. Eason Wei (10G2) was also incredible with his 15 minutes on the pitch and his two goal contributions to the opposing team. In those mere 15 minutes, he recorded a yellow card and 3 fouls, ultimately leading to the team conceding two goals.

During the semi-finals and final, Nathan stated that some players did not perform to their full potential, but everyone persevered, particularly during the finals. Despite heavy rain throughout the game, most of them still played to their maximum ability since they had several supporters, including Ms Larkin, watching them on the side. Nathan Lam (10G2) states, “the students’ support from the stands has motivated our entire team for all of the matches we’ve played, leading us to victory. In the absence of a goalkeeper, some players stepped up, which was really important because they made the sacrifice for the team. Without the help and efforts from our coaches Mr Devlin and Mr Bradley-Barnard, we wouldn’t be able to compete and represent our school.”

Congratulations to: Alvin Chan (10X1), Nathan Lam (10G2), Jeremy Tin (10X1), Eason Wei (10G2), Yat Long Wong (10F2), Colin Zhou (10G2), Marcus Tsang (10P1), Alex Totaro (10D1), Austin Tam (9D2), Jay Chan (9D1), Eddie Wong (9P1), Adam Iu (9P1), Enoch Lau (9P2), Raim Truscott (8D1), Alex Pugh (8G2), Ivan Lee (8X2).

Written by: Kelly Tang (7D1) and Zihan Liu (9P2)
Edited by: Hannah Wong (11D2)