4 Dec 2015

Media Team ‘leading the way for ESF’

Journalists at Friday’s Media Team Workshop left with a renewed vigour for their craft as they received training from professionals in the field.

Team reporters were given the opportunity to attend the workshop hosted by James Legge (a professional freelance journalist) and Henry Lui (Sha Tin College student and contributor to SCMP’s Young Post) at the ESF Centre. It gave students a chance to explore the depths of journalism, as well as for our young journalists to come together and discuss their plans for the future.

“You’re leading the way for ESF,” said ESF CEO Mrs. Belinda Greer (pictured, centre), as she observed the STC Media Team in action. All members thoroughly enjoyed James Legge’s session on the concepts of Journalism and his experience as a reporter for multiple news platforms. James taught them the rules of capturing the audience’s attention, offered them advice for their future works and encouraged them to continue writing with a passion.

“The fact that we’re in a foreign learning environment doing something we are passionate about made this a great way to end the school week,” said Martha Chow, a Year 10 journalist.

I thought that James’s insights from working in journalism were really good – he gave us some very useful tips to try and energise the stories so that they have appeal and [we can] draw greater attention to them,” said Greg Thornton, Vice Principal of Sha Tin College. “It’s been rewarding watching students want to take an ownership of what’s going on at their school and put the stories out that matter to them.”

The seminar lasted the entire school day and was an extremely valuable experience for the aspiring writers. “It’s going to prepare them for professional journalism,” said Henry Lui 12G2. “ESF aims to prepare us for the future, so I think we are helping them to fulfil that goal.”

The journalists were quite pleased as well.

“I think that we can apply what we’ve learned today into future articles”, added Rachel Sung, another Y10 journalist. “The STC Media Team, which started off as a small collection of Y12 students, is now a thriving group consisting of students from all year groups. Both junior and senior divisions of the team are highly dedicated and provide their service to those whom want to be recognised for their achievements.”


Martha Chow, 10X1; Elena Jim, 12G2; Rachel Sung, 10X1