1 Dec 2015

24 Hour Knit-a-thon (February 19 – 20 2016)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

KasCare is a charity organization which aims to raise awareness about, and offer support to, orphanages in sub-Saharan Africa. KasCare coordinates donations in the form, for example, of knitted squares which are then sewn into blankets. These knitted items are made by groups of people internationally to provide warmth and comfort to vulnerable children.

In partnership with the staff from the Sha Tin College Knitting Club, an experienced team of Year 13 students is organizing the 2016 24 Hour Knit-a-Thon. This will involve approximately 200 students who will stay in the School Hall overnight to knit a minimum two 8”x8” squares. These knitted squares will then be sent, via KasCare, to worthy homes in Africa.

The Knit-a-Thon is open to students from Years 10 to 13 who know how to knit. If an interested student does not knit and yet wants to participate, she/he will need to attend the Knitting Club for at least two sessions beforehand to learn the basics. A CAS Minor will be granted to any Senior School students who participate. Yarn and knitting tools will be supplied by the school, but students can bring their own equipment, if they wish. All participants will be required to take responsibility for their own tools as the school cannot be liable for any losses. Students will also be given an adequate amount of time to rest between knitting sessions. Dinner and brunch arrangements will be organized before the event so participants can choose from several options but extra snacks or food from home are obviously permitted, too.

In order to raise enough money whilst also covering costs, participants need to pledge to pay at least $250. If paid by cheque, these should be made out to ‘’Sha Tin College’’, then submitted, with the attached Medical form, to the Knit-a-Thon student helpers by Friday December 14. All participants will need to collect these to procure food. Participants need to also watch out for information, in the Daily Bulletin, about when and where to hand in sponsorship and any additional forms which will be sent out to them.

Please click here for the permission form.