14 Dec 2015

Grease is the Word

Following the roaring success of 2014’s musical production, Aladdin, we saw yet another collection of the school’s most talented singers, dancers and actors together onstage in 2015’s annual school production. Organised by Mr Harris, Mrs Parry, Mr Nicholson and a complete crew of supporting staff and students, the production told the story of two high school lovers, ‘T-bird’ Danny Zuko, who was played by Andre Pannu and Andrian Chan, and new girl, Sandy Dumbrowski, who was played by Karen Wang.


T-Birds! Photo: Joshua Lee

This year, despite returning to Hong Kong from their UK University interviews a day prior to the final performance, Year 13 students Andre Pannu and Claudia Joynt pulled off a stunning performance as Danny Zuko and Betty Rizzo in Sha Tin College’s recent rendition of the all-time classic musical: Grease.

“It was definitely stressful, but I’m glad it worked out and that I got to showcase what I’ve been rehearsing for the past few months,” said Andre, after his final performance, “I had so much fun with Danny Zuko’s character, exploring his emotions and putting myself into his shoes.”

Genevieve Lam and Andre Pannu. Photo: Tristan Chau

Behind the scenes, over 150 members of the staff and student body began organizing, casting and preparing for the prestigious event in term 3 of last year. The show could not have been such a success without the assistance of backstage members whom took charge of set design, makeup, costumes, and other technical elements. As the audience gave the performing cast a final accolade for their diligence, determination and perseverance, the cast deservingly directed the honor towards the band, teachers, technicians and backstage helpers.

Another memorable aspect of this year’s production was the use of a new set design. The show that used to be performed mainly on the stage has now been transferred down to the floor, surrounded by audience members on 3 sides. This new design not only allows the audience to have a clear view of the drama and action taking place, but also brings the cast closer to the audience, creating an intimate, engaging experience.

Grease allowed talented students in Sha Tin College to learn, enjoy themselves, and meet a new set of friends that share the same passion and interests. Andrian Chan of 11D1 expressed that, “I have learned many skills on stage presence, projection of voice, and overall had fun with different people I’ve never met before.”

Karen Wang and Andrian Chan. Photo: Joshua Lee

The production also served as an opportunity for other staff members and students involved to learn and grow. “Grease has been a very rewarding experience for me,” Lucas Rothwell of 11D2 commented, “I have learned a lot from it musically and have also gotten used to performing in front of large audiences. It was great fun and a real joy to be a part of.”

The production was a very sentimental occasion for some of the graduating Y13 students whom have a long history of involvement in school productions. Genevieve Lam, who played Charlene “Cha Cha” DiGregorio, showed her passion for the performing arts on the last night of the production, where she gave a touching speech on her experience. “I’d like to thank the whole cast and everyone in the musical for making Grease such an amazing, fun and brilliant conclusion to my life in STC,” she said, in tears, “I can’t believe that this has all come to an end, and I will be forever grateful for all the friends and memories I have collected along the way. Thank you for giving me the chance to dance, the chance to sing, and the chance to express myself in such a beautiful way.”

Y13s editedY13 crew at their last school production. Photo: Natalia Chan

Full Cast

Full cast. Photo: Mr Dickson

Martha Chow 10X1
Laurel Lee 11D2


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