5 Jan 2020

Sports Day 2019

The four houses continued to grapple for the House Cup during Sports Day, the last major inter-house sporting event of the year. The event took place on December 12th, 2019, at the Education University of Hong Kong’s Sports Centre. Once again, Sports Day proved to be the perfect chance for students at Sha Tin College to exhibit a variety of talents – ranging from exceptional speed on the track, to impressive skills on the field.

Between the events were vibrant cheerleading routines, choreographed and led independently by the newly minted Y12 Student Leaders. “The houses have really upped their game, and I am so proud of their enthusiasm,” beamed Charmaine Yu (12X2), the Head of House of Phoenix. The energy and passion of the cheerleaders was infectious, prompting their fellow students in the stands to cheer even louder for their respective houses.


Dragon Cheerleading Group Photographer: Jaclyn Solomon, 12X1

Numerous records were broken on the day by many of the school’s most talented athletes. Through the pressure and friendly rivalry, the students demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship, contributing to the festive atmosphere. Vania Chow (11X1), winner of the 200m race, expressed her delight, reflecting that although she had “lost motivation while running, the cheering and singing of [her] friends kept [her] going and made the experience worth it.”

Y13 Pegasus girls celebrating their final lap Photographer: Riki Kobyashi, 12P1

Sports Day was also something entirely new for many in the STC community, such as the Year 7s and new members of staff. Vice Principal Ms Rogers, having joined the school this academic year, exclaimed that she thoroughly enjoyed the day: “I [loved] the setting, the atmosphere, the spirit of Sports Day, and seeing the students in a different environment.”

Marvin Hsu, 13X1 Photographer: Kevin Do Cao, 13G2

Every house showcased their accomplishments and exuded great enthusiasm throughout the day, especially Phoenix, who won both cheerleading and the event overall. Sports Day was undoubtedly a highlight of the year, and indeed a truly sensational conclusion to 2019.

By Sophia Zhang 11X1
Copy Edited by Reese Wong (12P1)