17 Dec 2019

Environmental Council: Term One Report

A Message from the Environmental Council  

Another calendar year is over, and the Environmental Council continues to champion change and reform in our community. With over 50 members ceaselessly driving sustainable policy change in our school and beyond, we stand as proof of our determination to make the world a better place, becoming the leaders of the future that ESF strives to cultivate. We are Sha Tin College’s largest, most determined, and most productive student-led group, binding all our members under a common goal. 

Sha Tin College is at the forefront of the ESF schools in developing sustainable projects, working on school biodiversity, waste reduction, energy sustainability and more. We are a bulwark against self-indulgent, non-sustainable thinking, a channel for open communication, a coordinator in the plethora of projects generated by the enthusiasm of our student body. Policy changes are being pushed through, with a leadership and governance that promotes sustainability practices across ESF. We are the embodiment of a community that encourages student leadership, enshrining the voices of students, staff, and stakeholders to achieve inclusive and collaborative development. 

The Council is now on its 37th project and 28th public consultation this year. We have been battling for change in school, be it in the canteen, the classroom, or on the school buildings as a whole. We too have been driving societal change – the ESF sustainability strategy; the ESF and inter-school sustainability groups; meetings with investment bankers and legislators in HK; the talks, sharing sessions, conferences, and meetings with major industry players; these are all positive proof of the ethic and devotion underlying every single one of our operations: the unyielding drive for change, against all odds.

Yin Wai Kwong
Executive Director
STC Environmental Council

Environmental Council - Term One Report