13 Feb 2019

Screening of A Plastic Ocean Documentary – Wednesday 27th February 2019

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Plastic is important in our lives, however, if it is not recycled properly it ends up in landfills taking up to a thousand years to decompose. Some of it ends up in our oceans killing sea life and ending up in gyres. We would like the opportunity to make everyone aware of the effects of plastic pollution.

Our Y12 CAS group are raising awareness of single-use plastic in our school and they would like to spread their message to our community. They have raised money to show the short version of A Plastic Ocean in our GTS lessons by selling environmentally-friendly bamboo toothbrushes.  Our PTSA too think that it’s an issue that everyone needs to address, and so they have kindly paid for the rights to show the long version at STC.

We invite you to a free screening of the feature length version at 6.30-8.00pm in the STC hall on Wednesday 27th February. In attendance will be a guest from The Nature Conservancy who will help facilitate discussions in addition to our Y12 CAS team. Refreshments will be provided.

We hope that you can spend the time watching this moving documentary and also join us on the mission to reduce single-use plastics in our everyday lives.

There will be an electronic sign up in Gateway. Look for the communications tab, e-notice.


Ms Ryou, Mr Chiu

STC Environmental and Sustainability Coordinators

And the Y12 Plastic Oceans Team