18 Feb 2019

CPD Day on Monday 25th February

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is a reminder of the staff Continuous Professional Development (CPD) day scheduled for Monday, 25th February. No students are expected at school on this day.

Starting on Saturday, 23rd February, many of our colleagues will be involved in three-day IB Diploma Workshops. The College is hosting the workshops with visitors from across Hong Kong and the region. These will conclude on Monday afternoon.

Colleagues not committed to the IB Workshops will hear a presentation from our Head and Deputy in Learning Support, Ms Laurie Stein and Ms Jessica Loebig, entitled ‘Late, Lost and Unprepared : Executive Function. What is it?’ This incorporates strategies from the ESF Inclusion initiative.

The other main agenda item for Monday is continuing development of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) under the leadership of Ms Sarah Geraghty and lead teachers in each department.

With thanks and warm wishes,

Chris Rowlands

Vice Principal