20 Sep 2016

School Events and Assessment Calendars

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are fully aware that this school can be a very busy place. In an effort to keep students and their families fully informed of what is happening here we have created several calendars.  The aim of these is to share as much information as possible to help students with their organisation and planning for key events, such as school trips and participation in activities. All generic calendars are displayed on the school website (https://shatincollege.edu.hk/calendar-overview/).
The calendars are:
  • STC events calendar – this displays all of the school’s planned events for the year
  • Section level calendar – this displays only the events which are relevant to that Section (for example Year 10 exams will only appear in the Middle School Calendar)
  • Student timetable – this displays the student’s school timetable, including detailed information about the class, the teacher and the room
  • Diary calendar – this displays the details of the home learning to be completed alongside the class in which they are due. It also displays commitments set by staff which would ordinarily appear in a typical diary, such as activities and meetings
  • ESF calendar with STC dates added – this pdf is a very simple overview of the key dates in the school year
  • Assessment calendar – this pdf contains our planned assessment dates. Please note that the dates for assessment can vary for many valid reasons and the actual assessment date will be confirmed by the teacher with students via the homework app
Last year the Student Council ran a student survey and one of the topics surveyed was around the use of school diaries and how we could better assist students to organise themselves. The results of this survey indicated that we could do more to make students aware of the support that exists and provide more training on how they can use the technology. For this reason, we are promoting the use of Google calendars with the students in their Tutor Time over the next couple of weeks. The first four calendars above are Google calendars. Google calendars have several advantages such as:
  • They can be viewed on any device with an internet connection
  • They integrate with our SMART system
  • They are a natural extension of our use of Google apps for education which includes gmail and Google drive
  • We can update the calendars centrally when a date changes to keep you informed with the latest information
  • The option for parents/guardians to connect their devices with these calendars
Later in the academic year we will seek feedback on how useful this extra information has been. If you have any suggestions for improvements related to what we offer, or if there are aspects which you feel have been particularly useful, we would like to hear from you.
Kind regards
Greg Thornton
Vice Principal
Sha Tin College