20 Sep 2016

Link to Year 7 Presentation and Home Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,


It was wonderful to meet everyone that attended the Parent Information Event on the 8th September. We hope that you found the evening useful and informative. Please see the link here to access the information that Tutors presented to you.


Last week Year 7 students started to receive Home Learning from some of their teachers. Parents and students will only receive the daily Home Learning email if a piece of Home Learning has been set. When students complete a piece of Home Learning they need to tick this off on their SMART Homepage; if students don’t tick this as complete then it will continue to be listed in the daily Home Learning email. Please see slide 27 on the link above to see an example of the list of Home Learning on a student’s SMART page.


It is important that Year 7 students record their Home Learning in their diaries when the tasks are set in their lessons.  As parents you are required to sign your son/daughter’s diary each week; the Year 7 Tutors will sign students diaries each week.


As a school we have decided to use the term ‘Home Learning’ rather than ‘Homework’ because we believe it more accurately reflects what we are trying to achieve when we set tasks to be completed outside of lesson time.  Our common aim is to promote a Home Learning culture that is both meaningful and manageable i.e. we want to ensure that students are set tasks that add value to their learning, rather than simply completing tasks at home for the sake of it. We also want students to have a healthy school-life balance so that they are not heavily burdened with homework when they finish a full school day. Essentially, we want to ensure that our students get the most out of the school day, have an opportunity to rest at the end of it and build on their learning in a sustainable way. Staff will be mindful of these two underlying principles when they set students any Home Learning tasks. Year 7 students should spend no longer than 60 minutes each day on Home Learning.  The time limit given by teachers for each piece of Home Learning should be the maximum amount of time that students should spend on the task. If students are spending longer on a task than indicated then please contact their subject teacher to inform them about this.


Please find the Home Learning Policy here


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at purvesl1@stconline.edu.hk


Kind regards


Lucie Purves


Head of Lower School.