2 Mar 2017

NOVA 360

From schools across Hong Kong, passionate dancers gathered together to compete at NOVA 360. This year’s competition took an interesting twist on the annual dance competition with audience members seated on all four sides of the stage, creating a 360° experience.

The five finalists displayed an explosion of talent with dance styles ranging from hip-hop to contemporary, with unparalleled technique, musicality, and artistry exhibited by all dancers. Anson and Rae were crowned the champions of NOVA 360 with their heartwarming lyrical and street fusion act full of chemistry and charisma, while Amity was named Audience’s Favourite with their breathtaking performance. Wesley Lor, 13D1, featured as a guest performer, having been a member of last year’s Nova team.

Event coordinator Hoi Ching performs a piece that reflects her life.

“It was a truly stupendous show with wonderful dancing,” said Claire Wong, 12P1. “I was able to learn about dance technique simply through the constructive feedback from the judges.”

Nova is a CAS project started three years ago by a group of dancers at STC, collaborating with KELY Support Group, a Hong Kong-based organisation who provide support to Hong Kong youths regarding various issues.

We hope the enthusiasm and talent will continue to flourish in the next generation’s competition!

Hazel Leung 12G2, Kathy Zhou, 12P2