7 Mar 2017

Young Founders School: Ideation Day

The introduction of the Young Founders School ideation program initiated a day of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit among students from STC along with numerous neighbouring international schools. On February 24, a handful of students ranging from the ages of 12 to 17 gathered at the Credit Suisse office at the ICC (International Commerce Center) to attend the startup program. Young Founders School aims to guide passionate students towards the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey and further develop their vision as a business.

After a short introduction of the ideation day from Young Founders School CEO Billy Naveed and industry experts from different companies, students were sorted into different cohorts and challenged by the acknowledged business gurus to tackle a diverse series of team tasks designed to hone their teamwork skills – from learning to familiarise with the strengths and weaknesses of the team to effectively moulding a tangible business model, ready for the market.

The energetic session concluded with the unrelenting students being given 59 minutes to prepare an ‘elevator pitch’, taking place inside the boxy elevator of the ICC ascending from the 9th floor to the 88th, lasting precisely 59 seconds. Students were expected to individually pitch their product and business model to the gurus, with the objective of producing a convincing presentation for investors.

“Young Founders School is where I discovered what I am passionate about” said Peter Chen, 11P1. “It convinced me that if your vision and your product is good enough, your age will never be an issue. It is now my dream to someday become a successful entrepreneur.”

“I felt very motivated by the mentors as they provided all the help and support we needed” said Jeremy Lai, 11X2. “Through their advice I obtained the skills required to be able to work effectively with my teammates.”

“We want the next generation of business leaders to have access to programs like Young Founders School that encourages the discovery and development of entrepreneurship” said Young Founders School CEO Billy Naveed. “We aim to inspire, educate, and surprise individuals with what they can each achieve.”

The Young Founders School ideation day was, without a doubt, an enlightening and constructive experience for inquisitive students across Hong Kong. To anyone considering an entrepreneurial career: the competition just got a lot tougher.

Matthew Ng, 11G2