14 Jan 2021

Message from the Principal – Face-to-Face Class Schedule (Jan 18th – Feb 10th)

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Please find below the schedule for onsite classes from Jan 18th – Feb 10th. Please note a change to Jan 22nd for Years 12 and 11 students.

As you are aware EDB has approved schools to resume face-to-face learning on a half-day basis for 1/6 of the student cohort. From next week we will be running face-to-face lessons in the morning session, with Year 13 and 11 Mock Examinations taking place in the afternoon session.

There is NO lunch break during the time students are in school. For their comfort and wellbeing students will be allowed to bring water and small easy-to-eat snacks only. Students should not congregate in groups to eat at breaktime. The Hall is currently in use for Mock Examinations and will be unavailable to students during their break time.

All lessons will follow our current timetable. Years 7-10 students in face-to-face lessons will finish onsite at 12.30 and will resume their period 5 lesson online at the usual time. Years 11 and 12 students will finish their face-to-face lessons onsite at 1.30 as normal.

For their Mock Examinations Years 13 and 11 students should follow their already-published Mock Examination timetable.

We appreciate that some families may not feel comfortable sending their children into school for face-to-face lessons currently. While we will not provide an online lesson simultaneously whilst students are onsite, students who chose to remain at home should be able to access the work being done via the Google Classroom. Parents/guardians should inform tutors and section offices of absences in the usual way.

Following a Zoom meeting with Year 11 students earlier this week and consultation with our curriculum leaders, adjustments have been made to the Year 11 Mock Examination timetable following the cancellation of GCSE examinations. VP Ms. Fagan has sent a separate communication with further detail on this to Year 11 parents/guardians.

For parents/guardians who have paid their full bus fee, Kong Shing will provide a bus service for students coming in for 8.15 and leaving with their year level at 12.30 or 1.30 (Year 12). Please liaise with the bus company directly in regard to details.

As a reminder please continue to record your child’s temperature on the ESF App before they attend campus. Please also complete the re-released ESF Travel and Health Declaration. This must be completed for all students prior to them coming on campus.

We are looking forward to welcoming more students on campus next week. Wrap-up warm though – it’s pretty chilly on the hill this week!

Kind regards.

Carol Larkin