12 Jan 2021

Year 11 Mock Exam schedule

Dear Year 11 Students, Parents and Guardians

At the end of last week it was confirmed that the GCSE examinations will not be held this summer. Please refer to this table on our website if you are unclear as to whether a subject is a GCSE or an IGCSE. Currently IGCSE subjects will still be assessed with an examination/s in the summer.


As a result of the cancellation of the GCSE examinations, we have now consulted with Year 11 teachers, tutors and importantly students. I would like to highlight the maturity shown by Year 11 students in asking questions and putting forward their opinions. They are handling the situation with resilience and agility.

As a result of our consultation sessions,  I write today to confirm our Year 11 written mock schedule. Note that the GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE and  GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE mock exams will be moved to after Easter holidays.

All other examinations will be held from Monday 25 January to Friday 5 February 2021. They will begin each day at 2pm. This will allow STC to hold two school sessions, morning and afternoon, in line with CHP/HK Government regulations. Students are to be on campus no more that 30 minutes before the start of their examination. In the week of Mon 18 January, I will hold a separate assembly with Year 11 to go through the examination protocols.

Our current Year 11 Mock Exam schedule is available on our website: https://shatincollege.edu.hk/senior-school-years-10-13/

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards

Kellie Fagan

Vice Principal