14 Jan 2021

How to sign up for CAS activities? – Term 2 (2020-21)

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students

For this term, we have put together an online activity programme for the students.  The activities, although online, will allow the students to interact with others, encourage them to exercise and hopefully have some fun.

The activity sign up will take place on Friday 15 January from 4pm and the activities will begin from Wednesday 20 January  onwards.  Activities can be viewed on Smart from Thursday 14 January from 5pm onwards.

The activity sign up will take place via Smart.  Students have been reminded on how to access the new system via email and have a short ‘How to’ video if they are still unsure.  The basic instructions for your child are below-

1. Log in to Smart

2. Click on your name (where is says ‘Good Afternoon….’)

3. Click on the pencil underneath ‘Activities’

4. You will see a list of activities and their information.  Click the box on the right-hand side to sign up.

When your child signs up for an Activity, you will receive a notification email, requesting that you agree to your child’s participation.  You have seven days to click the link giving your consent to their involvement.

As always, we would like all of our students to join in with activities at Sha Tin College.  Our expectation is that once a student has chosen an activity they be fully committed to that activity and attend on a regular basis. We would be grateful if parents could help the students to make sensible and informed choices about the activities that they sign up for.

If you have any problems contact Mrs. Parry via email parryj1@stconline.edu.hk

Mrs. J. Parry

Senior Leader