27 Mar 2020

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

As promised we are able to share with you this week our digital IBDP Art Exhibition – here. It is a wonderful testament to the creativity and artistic talent of our students. We hope you enjoy it!

Please note the following: 

1) As you will now be aware all IBDP and IGCSE/GCSE examinations have been cancelled for May/June 2020.  Some of our students in other year levels have expressed concern for our Years 11 and 13 students in terms of what will happen to them. For both year groups everything that has been learned over the past two years is valuable, with or without an external examination. Both Years 11 and 13 students will be awarded final grades by our examination boards. All Year 11 will be able to progress into our Year 12 programme without issue. Year 13 students will progress to university in the same way. We are working proactively with our universities and the IB to ensure this progression is as smooth as possible.

2) Thank you to all our Year 12 families who participated in our online Parent/Teacher Conferences this week. Be sure to look out for a letter from Ms. Kate Rogers VP Teaching & Learning about how to give us feedback.  We hope to be able to offer the same conferencing opportunity to our Years 8 and 10 families after the Easter holiday.

3) The Student Government Grant forms have now been sent to ESFC for forwarding to EDB. Any late forms we receive will be passed on to ESF and EDB.  Any queries about late forms should be made to EDB directly.  In the end we managed to collect in all but 53 forms!

4) If you are following our Sha Tin College Facebook, or our instagram accounts @shatincollege_hk or @principalshatincollege you will have seen a superb promotional video by our Student House Leaders for our first ever Inter-House Planking Competition. One second one house point. Abs of steel – here we come!

5) Thank you also to your Middle School students who joined our Head of Middle School Ms. Lashley and the Middle School tutors via Zoom in our first ever LIVE! from the STC Middle School last Wednesday afternoon. Any and all questions can be asked and hopefully answered!

6) As the world responds to this pandemic everyone is having to make sacrifices for the greater good. At the school level the year group most impacted by this has been our Year 13.  The end of schooling is marked by many traditions and ceremonies from our fancy dress week, to our Year 13 parade, to our farewell assembly. While we weren’t able to do these things in person this year we have tried to do it online. Click here for some memorable moments from this week for Year 13.

7) The ESF CEO Mrs Belinda Greer has been taking the time over the past few weeks to meet online with the staff of all ESF schools. It was the turn of Sha Tin College on Wednesday morning at 7.30 am!  Staff enjoyed the opportunity to share some of our experiences, challenges and rewards with the team at ESF.

8)  Please check out our Facebook page here to see the documentary “Room for More” which was created as an IBDP CAS Project by Year 13 students Eugene Lau, Felix Kwok, Roshan Karathambalath and Isaac Yuen. We are immensely proud of the work they have done in exploring homelessness in Hong Kong. Enjoy!

It has proven to be a very busy week for us as the global situation with COVID 19 continues to impact us. However in true Sha Tin College style we continue to be positive and solutions-focused. As always – thank you all for your support.

Kind regards,

Carol Larkin