26 Mar 2020

Year 13 Study Leave

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

As per the Sha Tin College calendar, the Year 13 Students will be starting their study leave on Friday 27 March.  We will be holding a short assembly, via zoom to mark the occasion at 11am. Attendance at the assembly is compulsory for all Year 13 students.  Once the assembly has been completed the students will not be expected to go to lessons 3, 4 and 5.

Any subjects that still have content or coursework to be completed will be continuing up to the 3rd of April and the students will be notified of these lessons by the teachers.

As we are still waiting for clarity from IBO regarding the process going forward we will still need the students to be vigilant in checking their emails and to be available as and when needed.  Individual teachers may need to contact them and we also anticipate that we may need them to join us on a Zoom meeting in order to disseminate important information.

The teachers will be available to support the students if necessary during study leave.  Students must contact teachers via email if they wish to arrange a meeting.

I would like to remind the students that the STC campus is still closed until further notice.

We are still hoping that we will all be able to get together in term three, to officially celebrate this milestone in the students’ lives.


Jane Parry                           Mary Paciello                            Lau Ta
Senior Leader                       Head of Year 13                         Deputy Head of Year 13