10 Feb 2021

Letter from the Principal – Return to School Feb 22nd – Feb 26th

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

As you will be aware EDB recently announced a further increase in the number of students allowed onto campus after Chinese New Year from 1/6 to 1/3 of our student capacity for a half-day only.

In line with this, the schedule below identifies which two year levels will be in school from Feb 22nd – Feb 26th. This schedule allows for Years 11 and 13 students to be prioritised given their upcoming external examinations.

We are currently discussing a more extensive change to our daily schedule which would allow us to have two year levels on campus for three periods in the morning and a different two year levels on campus for three periods in the afternoon. The other periods would take place online.  Once we return from our CNY holiday we will re-evaluate the public health situation and, depending on that, communicate with students, staff and parents/guardians further on this with a view to implementing this new model from March 1st.

From Feb 22nd – 26th students will follow our current daily schedule below. Please note, Year 10 students will now follow the Senior School schedule.

We will continue to follow our well-established health and safety practices.

1) Students must have their temperature taken before they leave their house every morning and the temperature must be recorded via the ESF App. Please access the ESF App to see how to do this.

2)  All students, staff and guests entering the campus MUST be wearing a face mask. Students must bring their own masks. There are bins distributed throughout the campus for the safe disposal of used masks. We have a supply of extra masks if needed.

3) During break time students are free to walk around the campus. While students won’t be able to return to their classrooms during break, walking around the outside spaces will allow students the opportunity to get some fresh air and some exercise. As per our normal routine, teachers will be actively on duty during break time.

4) The removal of face masks for eating increases virus transmission risks.  Students may bring small easy-to-eat snacks only.

5) Due to limited and confined changing room facilities students are allowed to arrive at school in their PE uniform and wear it all day, on days where they have PE.

6) There are CHP health guidelines posted throughout the campus and in bathrooms to remind students of proper hygiene, including regular hand washing.

7) Our site team is aware of the daily student schedule of lessons and will sanitise and disinfect classrooms including desks and chairs between lessons.

I hope the information above provides clarity for the period immediately following Chinese New Year while also indicating our intention to move towards enabling more students to be on campus in the near future.

Kind regards.

Carol Larkin