19 Nov 2018

HKU – St John’s High Table Dinner


On 19th November, five of our Year 12 students attended the High Table Dinner organized by St. John’s College (HKU). It is one of the most traditional events at St. John’s College and it gives secondary school students the opportunity to experience University life. The theme of the dinner this year is “Dining in the Dark”.  Please see our students’ sharing below.

Kevin Do Cao, 12G2

Despite being relatively short, that dinner changed the way I now view the world. I’d like to thank St John’s College for offering us such a wonderful experience and I look forward to studying there in the future!

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Tiffany Chu, 12P1

The St. John’s experience has taught me many skills to consolidate my leadership role such as empathy, understanding and supportiveness.

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Marvin Hsu, 12X1

I feel that my experience at St. John College’s High Table Dinner was extremely spectacular and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Yoyo Lee, 12P1

The dinner and visit at HKU St. John’s College was an eye opening experience. Dining with our peers, other schools’ students and HKU students has broaden our horizon, as we learnt more about each other’s culture and background, and was able to exchange some personal experience towards academics.

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Chris Wong, 12G2

The High Table Dinner was a great bonding experience with people from other schools. An Orbis event was also held as we ate with blindfolds and it helped us understand the struggles the blind may experience.

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