21 Dec 2018

CUHK – Knowledge Enrichment Programme


The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) offered an opportunity to secondary school students who want to explore their academic interests and experience university life through the Knowledge Enrichment Programme (KEP 2018). Two of our Year 12 students, Wai Ching Wong and Georgina Leung were nominated to join this programme on 21st December 2018.  

Wai Ching Wong, 12X2

This was my first time joining the CUHK Knowledge Enrichment Programme, which aims to prepare students on the life of a college student. We were given an opportunity to participate in two fields of study, of which I chose medicine and science.

Instead of a conventional introductory lecture of the course, we listened to speeches delivered by current medical students about their out-breaking experiences in their first year. This was the most memorable part of the program for me. One shared his experience of taking part in a research in a foreign university, as well as doing overseas services and third-world countries. These personal experiences intrigued me more as it gave me a clear insight on what to expect of studying medicine. It also made me realise the importance of being proactive and finding opportunities.

Overall, the KEP program was enabled me to get a clearer understanding on studying in university. Though short, it was able to offer a broad scope of CUHK through talking with current college students and visiting much of the campus.

Georgina Leung, 12D2

This year, I attended the CUHK Knowledge Enrichment Programme, where secondary students get an insight into the various faculties at CUHK. I went to the Business Administration and Social Science lectures, where I learned more about brand management and the psychology behind clinical depression.

This event allowed me to learn more about these areas since I don’t currently study them at school, and I was able to interact with the current students to learn more about life at university. Even though the lectures weren’t directly related to my studies, it was still a meaningful experience since I was able to talk to other students who are interested in the same areas as well.

I would recommend this programme to those interested in going to CUHK or in the lectures provided.