18 Feb 2019

ESF University Fair 2019


It rained heavily whilst our Year 12 students attended the annual ESF University Fair on 18th February 2019.  However, it did not prevent them from carrying out meaningful research and talking to the university representatives in order to help them with their university applications.

Students and teachers are working hard to ask questions and collect useful information

We are happy as we have got what we wanted!

 See what our students have said after the HE Fair:

Ka Wing Cheung, 12X1

Despite the bad weather, the annual ESF HE fair held at KGV was, in my opinion, a tremendous success this year.

With a myriad of colleges and universities represented by both professionals and alumni from all across the world, students were able to get a taste of each university, obtain a deeper understanding of the courses we are each passionate about and further explore the world of higher education – all within the KGV campus.

Personally, I believe that attending the HE fair allowed me to further develop and confirm my passions towards the subjects I would want to pursue in higher education. By walking around the 4 locations, each housing universities from a different part of the world, I was able to systematically explore the wide range of further education option – including universities that I had not previously researched or considered. Not only were the representatives welcoming and friendly, but they also accommodated to the wide range of questions asked by student – from design arts to technological engineering – allowing students with all kinds of passions and interests to feel at home.

Overall, despite having done past research on a multitude of universities and courses, I believe that nothing was as helpful as attending the HE fair, which not only allowed me to consult with professionals but also gave me an insight into the social and learning environment of the university.

Vinson Li, 12D2


Today’s HE school fair was interesting but due to the weather conditions it made it less enjoyable. The amount of universities provided for the students were tremendous and I was taken aback by the sheer amount of students that were there. I was given the opportunity to explore about my future career paths and learn more about the potential university choices and what they offer.  


Crystal Tang, 12D2

The KGV Higher Education Fair was a fantastic opportunity for me to be in touch with various university representatives, ask them questions and have a personal response that accounted for my specific needs and situation.

The weather, was admittedly, quite untimely, however that did not affect the lively atmosphere. The representatives were very thorough in their explanations, and told me everything I needed to know, from subject requirements and minimum scores, accommodation, teaching style, to the living costs and facilities on campus. Their passion for their subject and the university they represent is very infectious, and I am very reassured that I will have a very packed, active and happy 3 years in whichever university from the fair that I will study in in the future.

Christine Wong, 12D1

The HE fair was an efficient way for students to interact with personnel from differing universities condensed in one place. The proximity of the stalls meant that I could easily communicate with HE institutes, as well as converse with the recruiters and alumni alike. Going to the fair allowed me to ask questions directly, inquire about things such as entry requirements, portfolio planning, campus facilities, and sports teams. The fair was also a great place to be informed of schools I wouldn’t have heard of or considered otherwise, and it was overall an insightful and interactive experience.