23 Jun 2016

Griffin and Phoenix snatch ‘Glee’ win

Griffin and Phoenix came joint first place at STC’s fourth Inter-house “Glee” competition last Tuesday. Bagging 800 house points each, their win has put them in a favourable position to take the annual House Cup. Pegasus and Dragon put up a tough fight, coming in second and third, respectively.

“I am incredibly proud of the sheer effort that has gone into Glee, and the incredible talent demonstrated by every performer both on and off stage,” said Griffin Student Leader Jeremy Liu. “For the first time since its inception, Griffin can lay claim to a Glee victory.” Griffin came joint second with Phoenix in last year’s competition. Griffin’s performance was praised by the judges for its smooth transitions, superb band, and innovative choreography.

Griffin’s performance. Video: Jordan Tse 10D2

Phoenix was equally proud of their win at this year’s competition. “Getting a tied first for Glee is definitely the highlight of my academic year,” said Phoenix Head of House Joey Wong. “All 115 phoenix students who took part in the event gave it their all and delivered a fantastic performance! I feel overjoyed and immensely proud!”

Phoenix’s performance. Video: Jordan Tse 10D2

The other houses were also in good spirits, saying that they found the experience to be worth the time and effort. “Glee really allowed me to open myself up to my student leader team and the house,” said Pegasus Head of House Helen Wong. “We welcomed each other with open arms and bonded really well over countless lunchtime and after-school rehearsals.”

“It was quite enjoyable to watch; it’s always nice to have Glee put a good end to the year,” said Pallas Yiu, a member of the audience. Indeed, the event was good fun for the crowds, too.

Unlike previous years, this year’s competition was not centered around a pre-set theme. Instead, the houses were expected to devise their own themes, while being restricted to tracks from films on the silver screen. Dragon’s 9-song performance aimed to promote self-confidence; Griffin’s spy-spectacle was based on the theme of trust; Pegasus brought the crowd on a journey through time; and Phoenix took the audience on a trip around the world.

Billed as the largest inter-house event of the Third term, the respective Houses and their teams spent over 7 weeks preparing and rehearsing for the final performance.

Henry Lui 12G2

Featured image by Chantal Eden 10P2