24 Jun 2016

Above and Beyond Awards: Creativity

The final, much-awaited Above and Beyond Awards ceremony took place on Wednesday. This round, it was based on students’ accomplishments in the field of creativity. The event was held in the Senior School Centre, where the nominated students gathered for awards and a delicious buffet lunch.

“I believe creativity is an essential ingredient to being a good employee, citizen,” Mrs May explained, “or even a good friend, as well as a good human being.”

The winners were: Nok Yin Hui from 9G2, who was nominated for her coding skills; Man Lam Cheng of 10X1 and Inez Tandy Ortega from 9D1, both selected for their artwork; Elin Chan from 11X1 wrote several excellent plays; and Amber Yeung of 10P2, recognised for her nail art.

Due to the overwhelming number of nominees in comparison to the previous awards, the teachers presented five prizes, instead of three, to the above students who they thought were especially outstanding.


Man Lam Cheng, Nok Yin Hui, and Inez Tandy Ortega with their certificates and prizes. (Photo: Kevin Do Cao)

“I see creativity in so many different ways,” Ms Paciello commented, “and beyond the more obvious such as art, music, or drama, I would say that in every class there is a strong group of people who are very inventive and creative.”

For both middle school students and teachers involved, the ceremony was a great success, and an uplifting transition into summer. Many thanks go to all teachers for organising this event, and congratulations to the winners!

Emily Wong, 9G2