17 Jun 2016

Release of IB examination results

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,
The results are available at https://candidates.ibo.org from 7pm Hong Kong time on 6th July. To access the results, a candidate must enter their alphanumeric personal code and their PIN. For security reasons, a candidate’s account will be blocked after several invalid logins and will be reset at a later time.  If you continue to have difficulties accessing the website, please contact us via email for assistance.
The IB candidate results service has been developed for candidate use only. Under no circumstances should candidates reveal their PIN to universities or admission centres. So that the IBO can send the results directly to the universities applied to, students must ensure that their latest university application information is correctly entered in Gateway on the school’s website. Please contact Mr. Campbell (pbc@shatincollege.ed.hk) or Mr. Stott (dzs@shatincollege.edu.hk) if you need further information about this.
Under no circumstances should candidates or parents contact the IBO directly. The IBO will not issue results to or discuss results with candidates, their legal guardian(s) or representative(s). The IBO requires all communications to be made via the school’s IB Coordinator.
Mr. Hoang (IB Coordinator) can be contacted by email throughout July and August. Mr. Campbell (Head of Higher Education & Careers) and Mr. Stott (HE Counsellor) will also be available to help with any inquiries you have regarding university admissions. Ms. Wan (IB Administrator) will be available most of the time during school hours (8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday) in July and August or you can email her at any time regarding the specific IB services listed below.
Component grades and Enquiry Upon Results (EUR)
If students wish to request an “enquiry upon results” they must complete and submit the Remark application form to Ms. Wan and have this signed off by Mr. Hoang. The fee for an EUR is $HK820 per subject, payable in advance. Please note that the remark result(s) may go up as well as down.
Previous experience shows that less than 20% of requests are successful in being marked up. It is therefore important to consider if a remark is really necessary as it may result in a lower overall Diploma score. However, the fee is refunded should the grade change (up or down).
As the deadline for submitting an EUR is 9th September 2016, it is advisable to wait until the component grades are mailed to individual candidates from 11th July. Students should only apply for a remark if the mark is very close to the upper grade boundary; do contact us if you need advice on this matter.
If students have achieved a Diploma score which is much less than that predicted or expected, they can apply to re-take the IB exams in November 2016. The registration deadline for this is 27th July 2016otherwise there will be a late fee charged (for details, please refer to the application form). You will need to submit the Retake application form to Ms. Wan with the full fees paid in advance. Students should consider carefully whether a retake is appropriate. From previous experience, it might be more appropriate to consider alternative options for Higher Education. Mr. Campbell and Mr. Stott are available to advise accordingly.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need anything clarified.
Yours faithfully
Paul Hoang                                                                            Iris Wan
Vice Principal and IB Coordinator                                     IB Administrator
ph@shatincollege.edu.hk                                                   iris@shatincollege.edu.hk