24 Sep 2019

Frankenstein – A School Production


Today I visited the technical session of Frankenstein. When I entered, I saw lights blinking rapidly onto the floor and groups of students sitting patiently on the floor, waiting for the session to start. As the session began, it was clear that students were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the day of production; some students toggled lighting and sound effects up above on the balcony overlooking the hall; some students sat huddled around the stage, passionately discussing ideas for projections and backgrounds; some students ran around with props in their hands.

There had already been several practices so far, but this session would be a checkpoint in the process of producing Frankenstein. Looking at the students sitting on the floor, I couldn’t help but feel reminiscent for the initial meetings where Frankenstein was introduced. It has been a thrilling journey to see how the production has evolved; starting as a friendly discussion of ideas, it has evolved into a collection of students working and collaborating. Although the significance of Frankenstein as an undeniably unforgettable play seemed daunting at first, the nervousness of approaching this huge task has transformed into excitement and passion.

The cast tackled the play with an interesting approach – three groups of actors were separated, each group containing students of various talents and skills. From this starting point, they are free to develop their own ideas and cooperate as a group to formulate new notions and develop in their area of dramatic arts.

As soon as you enter the room, you could feel the unmissable energy radiating from the students, as their passion towards creativity and work ethic continues to motivate them to work harder and strive for excellence. Their unwavering sense of commitment is hard to ignore, and the hard work of the students will surely be evident in the final production.


Jasmine Leung, 12G1