2 Mar 2021

Year 11 Examination Information

Dear Year 11 Parents and Students

I hope this email finds you well.

You may be aware that OfQual (who regulate our examination boards) released its recommendations to examination boards at the end of last week. We are now waiting for examination boards to respond to these recommendations.

I will meet with Year 11 students this week to confirm what we know at this stage, and some possibilities for learning and assessment in the coming months.

What we know at this stage:

  • Cambridge (CIE) IGCSE examinations will go ahead. These will begin on the 27 Apr – 9 Jun
  • Language Mocks 1-5 Mar
  • Music IGCSE practical exams 9 Mar
  • Cambridge IGCSE First Language English Lang oral exams 11&12 Mar (14 students only)
  • NEA Food Preparation and Nutrition 3 hour assessment 16&18 Mar
  • We will hold our delayed Psychology Mock examination Monday 12 April
  • We will hold our delayed AQA English Literature and English Language Mock examination on Tuesday/Wednesday 13/14 April
  • Language oral exams 19-23 Apr

I do appreciate your patience and understanding at these uncertain times.

You can find a copy of our CIE examination timetable on our school website here

Study leave this year will look different to take into account the different exam board assessment requirements. At this stage, we will have students in school at times when there are large gaps between exams. Therefore there is no start date to study leave, rather we will publish a calendar for students/parents stating exam dates, study days and school days.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Best Regards

Kellie Fagan

VP Curriculum

Here is a copy of the email I sent on 4 Feb 2021 outlining which examination would be held for May/June 2021