8 Mar 2021

Years 10/11 Subject Options Zoom Information Session

Dear Year 9 Parents

We have now launched the Subject options process with our Y9 students. We did this yesterday and the students were very engaged and excited to be able to choose some of their subjects for study in Y10/11.

We would like to invite parents to attend two zoom sessions in the coming weeks.


Session 1: The Y10/11 Curriculum

9 March 2021


This session will provide an overview of the courses on offer, and explain the pathways from Y10/11 into the IBDP/CP programmes in Y12/13.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the session. Students are welcome to attend with you, and I would encourage this. Successful transition into Senior School requires discussion between students and parents, as well as teachers.

Please use the link shared earlier via the App to access the zoom session.


Session 2: Non-Compulsory Subject Sessions

16 March 2021


This session will offer you the opportunity to ask subject specific questions. You will be offered a variety of ‘zoom rooms’ – one for each of our non-compulsory subjects. You can simply join a room, ask a question or listen to other parents’ questions, and then leave and move to another subject of interest for you.

We will send out zoom links for this session next week.


In preparation for these sessions, I ask you to go to our school website and engage with a number of resources we have provided for our community:


  • Y10/11 Curriculum Prospectus: Our most detailed guide to the programme of study, including extensive information about each subject studied and the assessment requirement.
  • Subject specific PowerPoints: A quick overview of each subject offered at Y10/11
  • Options Timeline: Important dates for Y9 students/parents. You will see here the extensive support offered by subject teachers and the Y9 HOY/DY/Tutors.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you in the zoom sessions in the coming weeks.

Best Regards

Kellie Fagan

Vice Principal Curriculum