30 May 2019

ESF Marketing Competition: A Double Win for Sha Tin College!

The stakes were very high at this year’s 13th Annual ESF Marketing Competition.  Arriving at Discovery College dwarfed by the Trophy Shield the STC teams had won in 2018, the unspoken question was palpable!  Who is taking it back home this time?

Soon the day began and teams were set with three tasks that were meant to identify Uncle Russ Coffee’s (the sponsor), unique selling point, challenges in the face of a competitive market with Starbucks, a video for their social media to attract their target market of teenagers and the marketing of their shop opening event in Discovery Bay.

The day provided an excellent experience of working in a highly pressured environment as a member of a marketing team.  Teams worked under time constraints and they were expected to apply concepts, theories, tools and techniques from their Business Management course.  Collaboration, creativity and communication were the core building blocks in the competition.  The STC teams were a marvel to watch as they worked through their tasks.  They displayed excellent collaborative skills, working well with each other and accomplishing well-undertaken tasks with the time specified time limits.

In the words of Jasmine Leung (12G1), “It was a very positive experience as our STC Team 2 won out of the 14 teams. The day was very engaging and fun, as I was able to work with familiar friends, broaden our business knowledge and use this to communicate well as a group. I was very encouraged by the result and I hope to join more activities such as these to further build my experiences.”

And Angel Wong (12G1) had this to say:

Upon partaking in this competition, my initial goal was to step out of my comfort zone and to partake in something I originally had no interest in doing. Therefore I’m grateful for my friends’ encouragement to join this event as I ended up surprising myself with how much I enjoyed it. This was a very positive experience for me as I truly felt a sense of pride and accomplishment that I was able to represent my school in such a competitive and well-known event. The competition was also challenging and well-recognised throughout ESF schools and Hong Kong , which made the experience even more rewarding, given my doubts before joining the event. When our names were called as first place, it was truly a shock to me. Winning this competition has truly boosted my confidence levels, especially after seeing our photos across many social media platforms.

You have to admire the tenacity of our teams;

Team 1 Team 2
Jacqueline Pan Hazel Jackson
Charlotte Leung Hok Nam Ko
Mimi Lam Mira Samtani
Tiffany Chu Camilla Ng
Elton Lam Jasmine Leung
Kristy Lam Angel Wong




As Stephen Coonts say ‘…every good story deserves to be told twice”.  You have done it yet again teams, the trophy shield is back. Congratulations!

Ms Mintjens