1 Nov 2019

Environmental Council: A New Year

It’s a new year for the Environmental Council, with a new team and a new set of goals. This year, the Council continues to strive for the best of our strengths and abilities. With over 40 passionate and engaging members, many of which have recently joined the Environmental Council, the Council has detailed ambitious plans for developing sustainability and environmental action in the school community and beyond.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Council has extensive plans for developing sustainability in the school community. Starting off with a revamp of the waste and recycling programme in our school, the Council will follow on with various indoor and outdoor plant projects to build on our current One Plant One Classroom initiative, and a revamp of the school’s outdoor plants. Two solar panel projects have also been confirmed, and the Council will be working to bring them into our school within this academic year. A new ESF Sustainability Strategic Plan has also been released with the help and support of the STC Environmental Council, and we will be working to develop the school’s strategic plan for sustainability, and to implement the stipulated goals.

A busy year lies ahead of the Environmental Council, and many more projects will come along as the Council progresses. To learn more about the Council, follow our Instagram page @stcenvironmentalcouncil for an ongoing report of new initiatives and projects. Sustainability forms an integral part of our life and community, and we hope that all of you will continue your steadfast support for the environment.