28 Apr 2023

Class of 2022 Sharing – Amaris Chan (University of Toronto, Canada)



What is your name?
Amaris Chan

Where are you studying?
University of Toronto, Canada

What is your major?
Life Science

How do you describe your University or your programme?
UofT’s Life Science department is definitely academically demanding; IB helps a lot in terms of covering material that I am studying in university right now, but even with past experience with the content the courses still challenge me in learning.

What is the happiest experience in your first year?
Being able to choose my own schedule! Academic-wise, I have more or less a lot of flexibility in choosing additional optional courses to pair with my mandatory ones. In day-to-day life, I have the option to skip classes if needed and make up for it on my own time through class recordings, if I have something I need to do on the day or if I need to take a day off for my mental health. However, it also means that I am responsible for keeping up with missed material as well.

What is your top tip/advice that you will give to Sha Tin College students on their Higher Education?
Reach out to alumni that have personal experience if you can! The research you do on the universities through secondary sources is good but having someone that lived through the actual thing is even better. If that isn’t an option, go to university fairs and ask the admission people there their own personal opinions on the school.