28 Apr 2023

Class of 2022 Sharing – Tiana Ahuja (Gap Year)


What is your name?
Tiana Ahuja

Are you studying or taking Gap Year?
Gap Year but I will enrol in Queen Mary University of London in September 2023

Where do you take your Gap Year?

What are you going to study?
I will be studying Medicine.

How do you describe your Gap Year?
My Gap Year allowed me to explore interests and challenge myself through new responsibilities in part-time positions. I have become more globally aware through experiencing culture and history through travel during this time. It has made me more independent and mature, preparing me for studying Medicine. I have enjoyed my Gap Year thus far, and eagerly await to begin my studies in university!

What is the happiest experience in your Gap Year?
During my Gap year, I took on positions working with students as a course group leader, camp counsellor and educational assistant. At first, I was worried, since I didn’t have much experience in roles involving guidance and education. However, it was rewarding to see the students enjoy their learning. This experience motivated me to step outside my comfort zone, challenge myself, and believe in myself more!

What is your top tip/advice that you will give to Sha Tin College students on their Higher Education?
Be sure to research your universities thoroughly before making a decision! While university league tables are a good source of information regarding each university, it is important not to base your decision on these rankings alone. Being well informed about the strengths and differences of each university will help you choose a university best suited to you.