17 Feb 2015

Chinese New Year Performances 2015

This February, students and teachers led by the Chinese department joined forces to coordinate the annual Chinese New Year assembly. It was a spectacular hour filled to the brim with carefully choreographed performances showcasing STC students’ unique talents. This year’s performances included singing performances by Y12s, who, surpassing the momentous obstacle of dreaded IB revision, spent countless hours straining their vocal chords; two traditional dance performances by the graceful young ladies of the Folk Dance Club, who gave up their time to dance, dance and dance; a performance from the Chinese Orchestra (a rarity in International schools) that consisted of highly talented members with remarkable musical skills; a ridiculously funny acting skit mimicking well-loved Chinese lessons in STC, a drama and dance show produced through student-teacher cooperation, and so much more.

One of the many highlights of this year’s assembly included the Folk Dance club’s traditional dance performances. The Folk Dance club consists of around 20 dancers of various skill levels. This year, they stretched their limits by performing two traditional dances of different styles that called for precision, good body coordination and the utmost elegance. Adorned in heterochromatic traditional dresses and equipped with fans – the epitome of feminine grace – they performed a miraculous dance performance that all but stole our hearts away.

 Y13s performing a Korean folk dance.  Photo: Joshua Lee

Another one of the most memorable performances throughout the assembly was a vocal duet by Esther Fu and Jack Chan, two young yet extremely accomplished singers, accompanied by Abby Lam on the piano. Their performance was of the famous Chinese song “Mo Li Hua” (茉莉花) which translates to “Jasmine Flower”.

CNY_assembly_ 003

Jack and Esther stunning the crowd with their amazing vocals.  Photo: Joshua Lee

However, one of the most interesting performances of the assembly had to be the Chinese tongue-twisters performances by Mr Bilbow and his crew of nimble-tongued students, with different groups of students spitting out multiple complicated Chinese tongue twisters. What made their performance so memorable, was the fact that they added a modern hip-hop twist to the tongue twisters (no pun intended) by having two talented young individuals, Simon Won (13X1) and Jeong Gyu Lee (8X2) beat-box as the students delivered their lines. Their addition of the beat-box accompaniment not only made the tongue-twisters seem smoother, but also enticed laughter and amusement from many members of the audience, making the performance even more awe-inspiring.

CNY_assembly_ 017

Mr Bilbow and his crew of nimble-tongued students!  Photo: Joshua Lee

Samantha Lam 9X2